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How to apply for a summer program scholarship

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The International Training and Education Center, which manages the summer program, will select two participants from the 2022 International Summer Program and award scholarships. This scholarship aims to provide financial support in the form of a full tuition exemption for the summer program. Students eligible for the scholarship


1) One person from all participants

2) One person from a partner university of the University of Leicester

It will be.


Application method

Applicants should write a self-introduction sentence within 150Words in English and send it to the person in charge of the summer program by e-mail by June 10, 2022 . The email address of the application is  is.

Please include the following contents in the self-introduction text (* It is okay to select some of them, not all points).

  • Why do you think you should be awarded a scholarship?

  • What goals do you set and how do you plan to reach those goals in participating in the International Summer Program?

  • How do you think you can contribute to other participants and the program itself by participating in the International Summer Program?



  • Scholarships are offered in the form of an exemption from participation in the International Summer Program. Applicants are responsible for all other expenses such as travel, accommodation, visas and insurance required to participate in the International Summer Program. This scholarship does not apply to other programs at the University of Leicester.

  • Scholarship applicants must apply for the program they wish to participate in and meet the program participation conditions (age, English proficiency, etc.) by the scholarship application deadline (June 10, 2022). Successful applicants' relevant documents will be reviewed before sending the invitation.

  • This scholarship is valid only for the 2022 International Summer Program. If the applicant gives up participating in the 2022 program for some reason, the scholarship awarded cannot be carried over to the next year.

  • Also, this scholarship cannot be applied to other programs at the University of Leicester.

  • The scholarship will be deliberated within the Center for International Training and Education, University of Leicester, and the decision of the judging committee will be the final decision. Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the reasons for the award.

  • The University of Leicester reserves the right to amend, review and withdraw scholarships by the time the program is held if the summer program is no longer implemented for some reason. We will contact the target participants in advance regarding this decision as soon as possible.