UK immigration procedures

What you need to know in advance to get a short-term student visa at the airport

Japanese people are calledNon-visa nationals in the UK, and if you are studying abroad for less than 6 months, you can get aShort Term Study Visa on arrival at the UK airport. This is a great system for short-term international students, as many other visas do not require you to go through various procedures before moving to the UK.


However, when using this handy system, you need to be aware and aware that you are responsible for obtaining the correct visa for obtaining VISA at the airport when you enter the UK.

When you get off the plane, follow the signs forArrivals and you will need to go through immigration to enter the UK. First, when you enter the immigration office (UK Border / Immigration ), you will see two gates.


1) An unmanned passport examination gate (automated gate), commonly called "eGates " , which is also used at Japanese airports.

2) A regular, face-to-face booth with an immigration inspector (may have very long lines).


If you have a Japanese passport in your hand and are thinking about what to do at the entrance, the airport staff will point toeGates , "Japanese are over there!". But this is a mistake .

For sightseeing purposes, Japanese people can pass througheGates quickly without having to wait in line for a long time at the counter with staff like British people. However, if you look closelyat the display at the entrance of eGates, there is a proviso that "except for those who have stamps ...".


As a student, you need to enter the country with a short-term student visa, so you need to line up at the immigration inspector's window .


The documents to be presented to the immigration inspector are as follows. You will be subject to immigration before you receive your checked baggage, so be sure to keep the following documents in your carry-on baggage . You may think that you should show your cell phone such as an admission permit, but some examiners in charge may tell you that you should not use your cell phone on the spot. Please be sure to bring a printed copy .







  Please show the above documents to the staff and say "Short term study visa, please ". Normally, this is the end of the examination, and simple questions such as where to stay, how many days you plan to stay, and whether you have a return ticket (most of the information is in the VISA letter, so you may not be asked at all. You can get a stamp like the one below on your passport (Note: the shape may differ slightly depending on the airport).

** Note: Please see this information on your PC. You may not be able to see all the attached materials from your mobile phone.







The stamps marked with "○" above are stamps that allow you to participate in the short-term study abroad program without any problems.


Some examiners write something like the "6 months" validity period and reference number like the stamp on the left side, while others do not have a reference like the one in the middle and write only the period of 6 months. There is also. Ideally, you should write both, but this is not a problem at all. The stamp on the far right is their prototype.


Stamps marked with "✖" are "tourist visas" and some universities and schools do not allow you to register as a short-term international student.


However, please note that depending on the airport or examiner , "STSV" , "STV" , "SVV " , etc. may be added by hand to the stamp with the "✖" mark (stamp for tourist visas). , That is sometimes referred to as theShort term study visa (in fact, I have seen it many times). Basically, if you have these " STSV" , "STV" , and "SVV " , you are allowed to study abroad for a short period of time, but in that case, the deadline of " 6 Months " must be stated in the vicinity. There are also local rules such as.

Since tens of thousands of people are immigration in a day, human error may occur. Given that you are at your own risk, if you have any concerns or doubts, please be sure to point to the stamp that the staff member directly said "Is this a short term study visa? " And check again. .. You cannot ask a friend after passing through the immigration gate and come back here again.



I'm not afraid at all, but I think that the thinking circuit may not work very much due to immigration, exhaustion & lack of sleep after a long flight. To avoid these issues, please carry your Visa letter, tuition receipt and passport, and preferably this manual in your baggage for immigration.

  • passport


  • Admission letter (Visa letter, Unconditional Offer Letter )

  • Receipts for tuition fees, etc . : Only if the admission letter or VISA letter does not state that "all tuition and accommodation fees have been paid in advance". (If the accommodation during the course stay is a hotel, etc., a receipt for the accommodation fee)

  • ** Certificate of balance in your bank account in English : ** Required if you do not have the above receipt or if you have been in the UK for more than a month. This is to prove that you don't need to work because your stay in the UK is not for work and you have enough living expenses. There is no point in preparing this too early, so please prepare it about two weeks before you arrive in the UK. However, it takes time for the bank to issue this, so please contact your bank if you wish.


  • Accommodation details / certificate : If the address is not stated on the admission permit, prepare a document that can prove the address of the accommodation.


  • Immigration Card : If you see a flight attendant handing out an immigration card on an airplane, get it immediately and fill it out on the airplane as much as possible. If you forget to take it, you can also get it at the immigration office.


  • Cash or credit card (including Traveller's check, but we do not recommend using it as the number of places that cannot be used has increased in recent years)


  • Return ticket (usually not needed, but rarely asked)


照会(Reference)部分にレファレンスが記載されている。 Six Monthsと期間が手書きで書かれており、下には入国日時と空港名が記載されたスタンプが押されている。


Six Monthsと期間が手書きで書かれており、下には入国日時と空港名が記載されたスタンプが押されている。上記の照会(Reference)部分は記載されていなくても良い。





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