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Flow of preparation for short-term study abroad visa

Short Term Study Visa

First of all, please make sure in advance that you are trying to enter the UK with the correct visa .


There are three types of student visas : Which visa you get depends on your length of stay in the UK, the level of the course you are attending, and whether you plan to work during your stay.

  • Tier 4 General Students Visa : If you are studying abroad for 6 months or more, or if you may extend your course in the UK after studying abroad for less than 6 months (eg, after completing a language school, go to a university in the UK and become a regular student. When studying abroad

  • 11 Month Short-term Study Visa : When studying abroad for 6 months or more and less than 11 months.

** For long-term stays, if you meet the English requirements, you will be encouraged to obtain aTier 4 General Students Visa to join theNHS (United Kingdom National Health Service), which allows you to receive free medical services in the UK. Sometimes.

  • 6 Month Short-term Study Visa : Short-term student visa. Used for study abroad for less than 6 months.


On this page, we will explain how to obtain a visa for those who have traveled to the UK for a short-term study abroad program of less than 6 months and do not plan to work .

1. 1. Apply for the course you want to attend

 Apply for the course you want to attend and complete payment of tuition and accommodation fees.


** Even if you are studying abroad for a short term within 6 months, you may be required to have a certain level of English proficiency. Also, please note that if you do not answer at least the questions from the immigration inspector such as your place of stay and school name at the time of immigration, you may be denied entry due to your English ability.

2. 2. If you are accepted, the school or university will send you an admission letter (Visa Letter ,Unconditional Offer Letter) after completing the procedure.


 When you receive the admission letter , please be sure to check that the name (same as the one on your passport) and passport number written on it are correct . This text does not have to be the original, but it must include contact information such as the school logo and address (using letterhead), stamps and the name and signature of the person in charge . The permit must also contain the words "Short Term Study Visa " .

For Japanese nationals (because it is known that you do not need to apply for a visa in advance for short-term study abroad), this "Short Term Study Visa " is included in the permit depending on the school. It may not be there. If you do not have this letter, you may be judged as a "traveler" by a staff member at the time of immigration in the UK and you may enter the country with a tourist visa.

As a general rule, even though you have entered the UK for the purpose of short-term study abroad, if you use the so-called "Tourist Visa " to complete the admission procedure, you will be referred to as a university.  Educational institutions that have a " Highly Trusted Sponsor License " will be denied admission . In rare cases, even if you show yourVisa letter to an immigration officer, you may be treated as a tourist visa, so please be careful.

Click here for instructions at the airport.

In addition, if the permit does not indicate that you have paid the tuition fee or accommodation facility (student dormitory, homestay, etc.), please refer to 3) below.


If all the required items are listed above, please print out the permit and bring it as carry-on baggage on the day.

3. 3. The school admission letter does not include the sentence "All fees have been paid".


 In this case, ask the school if the above sentence will be added to your admission letter. Or, if you have a separate receipt for those expenses (items such as tuition and accommodation and the amount of each are stated in the letterhead of the school), there is no problem at all. Also, if you transfer the tuition fee etc. from the site, a simple receipt may be sent, but if possible, it is preferable that it is written on the letterhead and signed by the person in charge.


If you do not have this sentence or receipt, you will need a "bank balance certificate in your name in English" (which is rarely required at immigration). This proves that "there are enough assets that you don't have to work in the UK even after paying the tuition fee", so if you can prove that you have already paid all the tuition fees, you will have the assets. It means that you don't have to prove it.


Keep in mind that this abbreviated "can apply for a short-term study abroad visa at the airport" means that if you do not have the necessary documents, there is very little risk that you will be denied entry and returned to Japan . There is a possibility.

If you have all the necessary documents, you can easily complete immigration with few questions. You don't have to be afraid more than you need to, but we recommend that you prepare well in advance.


** Visa information is subject to change without notice, so please apply when applying  UKVI or  Please check GOV.UK for the latest information .