I was wondering, "Isn't it impossible to go online with piano lessons?", But in the meantime, the people around me went online ... the music industry these days.

 Of course, there is nothing better than taking lessons directly, but it is only online that you can study under a master teacher without going abroad! With an interpreter, you don't have to worry about English. Please take this opportunity to experience "Study Abroad at Home", which is easy on your wallet and makes you feel like studying abroad !

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When played in the dry and clear air, the piano plays the original tone. It's easy to imagine how going to the place where a historic composer lived and enjoying its history and atmosphere would affect his subsequent musical creative activities.

It is a plan that you can experience authentic piano lessons in such an environment. Take lessons from a professor at the prestigious University of Music in the UK, then go to concerts that are held almost every night, and enjoy sightseeing between lessons! You can choose the period and you can also have an interpreter.

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 It is often said that "study abroad if you want to master music". However, there are some differences between the teaching method in Europe and the one in Japan, so it is meaningful to experience what kind of lessons will actually be held at an early stage if you plan to study abroad in the future. It can be said.

In addition, some of the master classes and summer courses include world-famous pianists as teachers, which may lead to future connections. An interpreter will accompany you, so you don't have to worry about words.

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Students in Music Room

It is said that having a spectacular competition winning history is necessary if you want to build up your career on the piano. If so, why not try your skills overseas early on?

It will be a good experience to review your own performance by listening to performances of the same age that are gathered from various countries and have completely different playing methods and interpretations. You may also be able to make friends that you will never forget by exchanging words. An interpreter will accompany you to secure a practice room.

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Piano Concert Hall