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Study abroad on the piano online!

"Study Abroad at Home" has made my dream of studying abroad on the piano much closer!


"Isn't it impossible to take online lessons on the piano?"

"And the lessons of foreign music college teachers are ridiculous!"

No! Please experience " Study Abroad at Home " full of advantages !

I was wondering, "Isn't it impossible to go online with piano lessons?", But in the meantime, the people around me went online ... the music industry these days.


If you notice, auditions are online, concerts of famous orchestras are delivered online, piano quartet practice is online ... "Necessity is the mother of invention" is exactly this.


Of course, there is nothing better than taking a lesson directly. There are endless things you can learn from the teacher's presence, such as the delicate nuances of the piano, how to sing, breathing, and tension. However, in the future, a new lifestyle and learning method called " New Normal " will be introduced. There are many merits unique to online, so if you take the plunge and take on the challenge, it may suit your lifestyle unexpectedly.

Please take this opportunity to experience it!


Child Playing the Piano

 Tweet of the person in charge :

Originally, "If you want to connect online, I would love to learn from a" propianist "or a" foreign music college teacher "!" It is a project realized from everyone's opinion. We have carefully selected teachers who are well-known but who can support this project.

Benefits of " Study Abroad at Home "

​ Feel free to do it anyway ! Your dream study abroad will come true!

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Studying abroad on the piano, which used to be a very difficult threshold, has become so simple! " Study abroad at home" with a low budget and no language barrier . Here are 13 recommended points for "Study Abroad at Home" .

1. 1. You can take lessons from famous teachers who are active in the world while staying at home

You can take lessons from a master teacher who would normally have difficulty taking lessons.


2. 2. Wallet-friendly

You can take lessons from 1 hour at a time according to your budget! Feel free to experience " studying abroad at home" .


3. 3. High degree of freedom

You can take as many lessons as you like on a convenient schedule.

4. Relax with less tension

The usual environment and my piano are used in " Study Abroad at Home". You can relax and take lessons.

5. With an interpreter, you don't have to worry about English!

In " Study Abroad at Home ", experienced staff will carefully interpret according to your wishes. You can ask questions to the teacher in Japanese without hesitation, so you don't have to worry about "I wanted to ask here, but I couldn't ask because I didn't know what to say ...", which is common in studying abroad.

6. For practice when studying abroad

" Study abroad at home" is perfect for those who are thinking about studying abroad or competing abroad! Communicating with foreign teachers is different from Japanese teachers. It is important to know what to say and what to evaluate before studying abroad.

7. For audition / competition practice

In " Study Abroad at Home", you can get a comment from a teacher who has a lot of experience as a judge before auditions, competitions and presentations. You can listen to it live online, or you can send the video recorded in advance to the teacher before the lesson, and the lesson will focus on its commentary and improvement. Asking a third party to listen to you before the important performance can be a tense exercise, and the advice will help you to succeed in the actual situation.

8. Anyone can feel free to take classes

If you are going to study abroad to take lessons on the premise that you will pay the air ticket fee and accommodation fee to overseas, which is not cheap, not everyone can feel free to take lessons. It is sometimes said that "it is necessary to bring in multiple songs that are quite large or difficult, in addition to being limited to professionals such as advanced piano players and teachers," and I think studying abroad is a "challenge with a very high threshold." It has been. However, in reality, even well-known teachers do not always give lessons only to students who aim to become professionals. Anyone with aspirations can feel free to participate in " Study Abroad at Home" .


9. With brothers. Parent and child.

A small pianist may not be able to concentrate on the lesson for an hour ... However, when you want to experience various things, it seems to be a good stimulus for a "foreign teacher"! In such a case, you can divide the one-hour lesson between two people, saying, "Once you're done with your sister, next to your sister ...". It's nice to have half lessons with your child and mother, or duet with parents and siblings. Also, if you are a guardian who usually accompanies the lesson, you can of course enjoy the lesson together as usual when you study abroad at home. Sit next to you, take notes on behalf of your child, ask questions, and enjoy informal lessons together.

10. Easily record lesson scenery!

Group video calls onSkype are mainly used in the "Study Abroad at Home" lesson . Since Skype can send a large amount of information, the sound quality is excellent compared to other free online calling apps and it is suitable for piano lessons. In addition, you can record lessons at the same time, which is a strong ally when you check the advice from the teacher later.

11. Useful for creating a profile that is a little different from others

Advanced and professional pianist concert flyers and programs feature brilliant profiles. "Born in ✖✖ year 〇〇. Started playing the piano at the age of △, and won a prize at the ✖✖✖ competition at the age of **. Studied abroad atA Conservatory in France in the uneven year . In the same year, he performed a ★ ☆ concerto with the Conservatory Orchestra. So far, ◇◇, ■■, studied under the dented teacher ”. Of course, not all piano enthusiasts need such a brilliant profile. However, if you are taking a lesson from a well-known teacher online at " Study Abroad at Home", you can list it in your profile! You will also be issued a lesson attendance certificate, so you can feel a little professional. Want to set yourself apart from other pianist friends?

12. The final number of lessons will be decided after the first lesson

When studying abroad, it is necessary to apply in advance how many lessons you would like to take during the study abroad period. Any teacher who fits the lesson style is fine, but if you hit a teacher who doesn't fit at all, you can't change the teacher on the way, and the rest of the lessons with a dark feeling, "What the hell am I doing ..." Will be digested. If you are studying abroad at home, you can feel free to ask for additional lessons by saying, "If the lesson style suits you, continue throwing!"

13. Not affected by world affairs

This is the point that is the greatest strength of " Study Abroad at Home"! No need to be swayed by world affairs such as infectious diseases or natural disasters, air tickets or hotel reservations. It is a new era lesson style that allows you to concentrate on your lessons without worrying about anything.

 Online lesson reference example :


Please see it as a reference example of the quality of sound and image quality online.


In this example, we are using both laptops. Please note that the quality of the sound will be further reduced if you use a mobile phone.

Disadvantages of online lessons

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Online lessons have many advantages, but unfortunately there are some disadvantages as well. Now let's list the disadvantages.

For detailed explanations on all the points here, please refer to the " Frequently Asked Questions " as well.

1. 1. I'm not good at listening to detailed nuances

If you make a video call using an online app such asSkype orZoom , the sound quality will be lower than when you talk directly (see the video in "Example of studying abroad at home" above). Therefore, when it is necessary to listen to the fine nuances of the tone in a piano lesson, the lesson is not limited to the usual lesson experience, but the instructor does not have considerable experience in terms of online lessons. It is undeniable that there is inconvenience. You should also keep this in mind when choosing an instructor. As a solution, you can record the performance in advance and upload it toYoutube as a video, and you can have the instructor watch this video before the lesson. The quality of the sound is higher than that of the online app, so if you need detailed advice on the details of the tone and dynamics such as auditions and competitions, we recommend this method. Please see here for details.

2. 2. Depends on Wi-Fi / Internet connection environment

If theWi-Fi / Internet connection environment is unstable, you will not be able to take online lessons. In particular, Skype , which we recommend, can send a large amount of information, so the sound quality is better than other apps, but that means that an Internet connection environment suitable for it is required. increase. In order to confirm this problem, we actually use Skype etc. to check the internet connection environment before officially applying for the lesson . If something goes wrong on the day, you can book a lesson again. Please rest assured. Please see here for online apps .

3. 3. Occasionally there may be a slight discrepancy between the sound and the image.

As you can see in the video of the lesson example of "Study Abroad at Home", sometimes the sound and the image may be slightly different. However, this often happens in online lessons, so the instructor can handle it without any problems. Please be assured.

4. You may be asked to change the camera angle during the lesson.

Depending on the position of the piano at home, the device used (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), and the angle of the camera, it may be necessary to change the position of the device camera when playing and when talking to the teacher. There may be. Especially in the first lesson, from an angle where you can see all your fingers during the performance. Also, when receiving comments from the instructor, it may be a lesson while thinking "where should I put the device?" In each situation, so that we can see each other's faces. However, we will discuss this point at the time of the preliminary meeting. Please see here for details.


Write down the score so that you don't forget the advice from the teacher. Even if you don't understand something, you can record the lesson so that you can review it again and again later. Even if I'm nervous at first, the conversation may be lively and the laughter may be constant ...

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I think that the content of the lesson you want depends on the student. "I want a different teacher to see it", "I want advice on the songs I play at the competition", "I want you to listen only to the passages that don't go well", "I want to know what kind of lesson it will be if I study abroad" I want you to take a lesson. "

"A little different lesson" ... I've just given some examples of such lessons.

Practicing Piano Notes

I think that what kind of teacher can teach you is a very important point when taking a lesson.


Therefore, here we would like to introduce a teacher who has particular experience among the teachers and is very popular from that character.


As you take online lessons, you may be asked various questions.


I can't speak English, but is that okay? What if I can't connect online?


We will answer such frequently asked questions.



Piano Player

Click here for basic pricing and application procedures.

These are the basic settings, and we will arrange them according to your wishes based on this.

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First try is different here!


   The person in charge of the short-term piano study abroad program is a resident of the United Kingdom who is familiar with piano education in the United Kingdom. We also send students to international competitions so you can feel free to consult with us. The same person in charge will listen to your request from the beginning and will be in charge in the UK as well, so we can respond to detailed needs that only experienced piano players can understand. 

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