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Basic charge setting and application procedure

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​Basic charge setting

The price setting is as follows.



Lesson fee: £ 120 per hour (starting at least 1 hour)


Items included in the above price:

  • Pre-meeting (including online connection check) and lesson arrangement

  • UK sales tax 20%

  • One lesson unit is 1 hour or more, and then 30 minutes unit.

  • Lesson Certificate (Free if sent byemail . An additional shipping fee of £ 20 will be charged if the original is mailed.)


Online Interpretation Fee for Lessons: 30 minutes £ 12


Items included in the above price:

  • Interpreter during the lesson

  • UK sales tax 20%

** Please watch the video of the online lesson example below to determine if you need an interpreter. You can talk slowly to the teachers, but when it comes to lessons within a limited time, the teachers tend to try to tell you as much as possible quickly. Therefore, please note that you will need to have a level of English proficiency higher than that of daily conversation.Please see here for details


[A little profit! ]


Customers who book more than 5 hours of lessons in a year will be charged £ 110 per hour for lessons from the 6th hour.

Application procedure

1. 1. Desired lesson date and time and number of lessons, songs played during the lesson, student age, piano level (eg level at a major piano classroom, years of individual lessons, recent presentations and Please let us know if you have an interpreter (songs played at competitions, etc.). We will contact you and ask you in detail what kind of lesson you would like to have. After that, we will contact the instructor and let you know the date and time of the lesson candidate.


2. 2. Please check the date and time, and let us know if you have any changes or requests.

3. 3. Once all reservation dates and lesson content have been confirmed, we will send you a cost estimate.

4. Fee payment method

There are two payment methods below.


Paypal payment (Online: Recommended by us. Personal information such as card information does not come to us, so you can rest assured.)

② Credit card payment (online)

③ Transfer from a bank or post office


* Once you pay the fee, we will respond to the change of the date and time without any problem, but please note that we cannot accept refunds. Please see here for details.



First try is different here!

   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you until the end, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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