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This page contains frequently asked questions from those who participate in short-term study abroad at Leicester.

Q) Is there a place to shop nearby?

A)  The huge supermarket, which is a 5-minute walk, is open from 7 am to 11 pm except Sundays. Here you can purchase food and clothing, stationery, electrical appliances, etc. If it's a small grocery item, you can get it at the shop in the university or at a nearby convenience store. There is also a Chinese grocery store nearby, so you can get Japanese seasonings, ramen, seaweed, and sweets as long as they are basic. The convenience store, which is a 1-minute walk from the dormitory, is open until 10 pm.

Q) I heard that England is cold ...

A) Think of March as the climate of February in Japan. There is not much rain. However, it can be cold on some days, so please bring a coat and layered clothes. You can also buy a folding umbrella here, but please bring it if you can. There are also programs that have a graduation ceremony (closing ceremony), but the graduation ceremony is a short form, so you don't have to bring formal clothes for that.

Q) Do I needVISA ?

A) Japanese people are not required for this course. You will be asked to stamp your VISA for short-term study abroad at an airport in the United Kingdom. Click here for details.

Q) Should I bring a laptop, etc.?

A) A lot of people have some kind of device, but they don't use it in class. There are free computers in the school and library, but not in the dormitory. note that.

Q) Do I need a credit card? Is there anything else I should be careful about?

A) Credit cards are the mainstream here, and it is one of the things we would like you to avoid carrying a large amount of cash if possible. Please see here for the detail.



Q) Do I need an International Student Identity Card?

A) If you use a student ID card issued by a school or university in the UK, the price of admission to trains and paid museums may be discounted. You do not need to have an International Student Identity Card in Japan unless you are not attending a university program. However, the rail pass for the student discount requires an annual membership fee of about £ 30 when applying, so please decide whether to apply depending on how often you use the train. Click here to find out how to book a train ticket at the student discount price.

Q) Is there a free WIFI spot in London?

A) Here is a map of free spots in London. Besides this, freeWifi is available in many museums. See also here for how to useWifi in the UK.

London freeWiFi spot

Q) What is the tax exemption procedure?

A) Please see here for details.

Q) What kind of accommodation is it?

A) This is a description of the accommodation used for the Spring Course at the University of Leicester.




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