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Personal travel with parents and children

Participate in the plan


“I was really grateful that I was able to immerse myself in sightseeing without worrying about words while I was guided!”

RN living in Okayama

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16-year-old individual short-term study abroad


“I enjoyed spending my days communicating only in English without being hung up with only Japanese people!”

YT living in Nagoya

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Participate in a medical English program


“Every day was really a stimulating day .... I was able to deepen my friendship both inside and outside the class by playing table tennis and playing the piano together until late at night (with other international students).・ ・ I feel that the three-week program was a wonderful program with a lot of elaborate content .... I would like to make efforts so that one day I will be able to send a message in English. I'm thinking. "

KS living in Gunma

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[Experience presentation] Participating in the medical English program


"I'm glad I took the plunge and participated!

MK, 6th grade medical student

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[Experience presentation] Participating in the medical English program



5th grade medical student KT

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At first, the homestay was "I'll leave it to you", but at the end, it became a greedy plan with "This and that ...".


" It seems that I was quite tired overseas because I was not used to traveling with children, and being able to stay at" home "at my homestay made me feel very calm. "  YN

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"If a staff member who is familiar with the local situation and studying abroad will attend, this is the only way to go! It was decided when we first asked for details and received an answer."

Mr. Takahashi, who lives in Tokyo

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