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Convenient to take to England

~ All you need is this ~

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Items that are necessary and must be carried on board

Passport and passport copy & spare photo (family register copy / family register extract)

It is convenient to take a copy as a printed copy and take a photo on your mobile phone and save it. If you lose it, having a spare photo in your passport will be very helpful in reissuing it. Please bring at least two photos. I hope you don't need it, but if you have a copy of your family register or an extract (issued within 6 months), you can issue a passport immediately in case of emergency. If you happen to have it, please bring it with you.

Air ticket and its copy


In principle, a round-trip air ticket is required for short-term study abroad or individual travel up to one month. If you are traveling to the UK with a one-way ticket, please check with the embassy in advance. In this case as well, it is convenient to save the type of E-ticket attached to the e-mail on your mobile phone. Also, if you make a note of the reservation number etc., it may be possible for you to respond by itself. Of course, if you have all the necessary documents, you can issue a ticket at the airport.

Visa-related documents (entry permit)


When entering the UK for purposes other than tourism (participating in short-term study abroad at schools, etc., or enrolling in a university as a regular study abroad), it is necessary to receive a VISA letter (offer letter) from the participating school / university in advance. there is. The main purpose is to travel individually, and if you want to take private English lessons, you can enter the country with a tourist visa. This document is very important to get the correct visa from the Immigration Bureau staff when you enter the country. If you have any concerns, please be sure to check with the person in charge of study abroad procedures before you go to England.

** The procedure for getting a visa from the Immigration Bureau staff at the airport is explained in detail on this page.


Postscript: Visa type

Tourist visa : If you are sightseeing for up to 3 months, you do not need to apply for a visa in advance and have a stamp stamped at the airport.
Short-term study visa : Basically, short-term study abroad within 6 months. Documents for visa application required
Student visa (Tier 4 (General) student visa ) : When studying abroad at a higher education institution or university in the United Kingdom. You may need this visa even if it is 6 weeks. Please be sure to check.

Airport pick-up information

If there is an airport transfer, the details will be written (name and time of the staff who will pick you up, meeting place, contact method and contact information when you can not meet), and you will be traveling to your accommodation by yourself. If you have reserved a taxi, train, bus, etc. in advance, or have purchased a ticket, print out the ticket (in the case of a taxi, the telephone number that the driver or taxi company can contact 24 hours a day) and prepare it. Please keep it.

Accommodation materials

Please be sure to print it out and bring it with you as you may be asked for your accommodation address at the time of immigration, except for tourist visas.

Overseas Travel Insurance Certificate and Copy of Insurance Certificate

Please be sure to take out overseas travel insurance before you travel to the UK. At that time, please be sure to check the compensation amount in case of loss or theft and the items covered. If you do not carry your insurance policy, you may not be able to apply for insurance, so be sure to bring your overseas travel insurance policy.

Cash (British currency: pound sterling)

Cash is required when using a taxi. If you want to exchange money in advance at the bank, please ask to receive it in as small a bill as possible (50 pound bills are the highest bills in the UK and can be refused at smaller stores. .) Travelers check etc. can only be used in big cities such as London. Please do not bring it. You can exchange money at the airport, but it is recommended that you exchange money at a good rate in advance. Also, since the UK is a card society, if you have VISA or Mastercard, you will rarely spend cash.


Cash (Japanese Yen)

credit card

I think there are many opportunities to use it, such as buying musical and train tickets online in the UK. JTB cards cannot be used very often, so it is strongly recommended to bring one other card.

Bank balance certificate in English

It depends on the length of stay and the type of visa. Please check in advance and be sure to bring any if you need it. Usually not required for short-term study abroad or travel.


Devices such as electronic devices



Free Wi-Fi access is increasing in schools, dormitories, museums, airports and stations, hotels and restaurants. However, it is very convenient to have a mobile phone that can be used locally when using LINE with friends or when contacting the host family of the homestay, taxi driver or local coordinator. If you have a SIM-free smartphone, you can connect to the Internet at a low price by purchasing a SIM locally . If you can only make a phone call, you can buy it locally for contact from around £ 20.

Laptop, tablet terminal

If you are going to study abroad in a course sponsored by a university, you may have a lot of homework, so it may be convenient if you bring it with you. However, it is not always necessary because you can use the library.



If you don't have a SIM-free smartphone, it's useful to have pocketWiFi available locally . Most people rent it before going to England. However, if you rent something that is too cheap, the speed of information processing is too slow and you cannot easily connect. Be sure to checkthe WiFi specifications in advance.

Electronic dictionary & camera

Many people are using the functions of smartphones andGoogle . It is not something that you must bring with you.

Outlet conversion plug & transformer

The type of outlet in the UK is BF and B3 type, which are different from those in Japan, so a conversion plug is required. It is very expensive to buy at the airport, so please purchase in advance. Also, check that transformers are often not needed on modern laptops and mobile phones. Many people bring a transformer for the hair dryer, but because the transformer is old (or the equipment used is old), the hair dryer caught fire even if the transformer was used. I often hear that. Transformers aren't cheap, so if you're buying just for a hair dryer, it may be cheaper and safer to buy the cheapest one at a supermarket in the UK (the cheapest one is £ 15). Before and after).

Various chargers, charging cables & mobile batteries

Chargers for smartphones and PCs can basically be used without using a transformer. Don't forget to bring it with you. Recently, the number of aircraft that can charge mobile phones while flying using a USB cable has increased. It is convenient to carry this type of cable on board just in case.

Since there are individual differences from here, we will list the ones that are often brought. There are many things that you don't have to do, so we'll leave it to you.

  Amenity, cosmetics, medicine


Eye masks and earplugs : Some people use them on airplanes. It can be procured locally.

Shampoos, treatments, soaps, facial cleansers, cosmetics : If you really need a product of the same brand, please bring it with you. It is often cheaper to buy locally.

Eye drops : There are not many eye drops in the UK that have a refreshing sensation. If you are using this type, please bring it with you.

Contact lenses and cleaning solutions : If you normally use contact lenses, please bring contact lenses for the period of study abroad. Cleaning liquid is available for purchase.


Sanitary products : Napkin type can be purchased locally, but if you are a tampon person, please bring it with you.

Toothbrush, toothpaste : Available locally. It is convenient for those who use it on an airplane to bring something for travel, but toothpaste is considered a liquid when carried on board, so put it in a transparent pouch and take it out of the bag when inspecting luggage. Please ask the person in charge for instructions.


Pocket tissue, earpick, cotton swab, nail clipper : Soft paper pocket tissue like Japan is rare in the UK, so if you need a particularly soft one, please bring extra from Japan. There are cotton swabs, but I don't see many earpicks in the UK. If you need it, please bring it with you. You can buy nail clippers, but I think you should bring them with you.

Regular medicine : Please bring familiar medicines such as stomach medicine, pain relief, anti-diarrhea, anti-diarrhea, and throat lozenges. In particular, some people have a stomachache due to stress and tiredness. Those who study abroad at school may find it convenient to have anti-diarrhea.


Medical certificate in English : If you have regular medicine, allergies, chronic illness or chronic illness, or have had surgery, major illness, or serious injury in the past, please bring an English medical certificate for them.

Shaving, razor, electric shaver : For electric ones, check the corresponding voltage in advance. In some cases you will need a transformer.



Basically, one week's worth is enough, but if you have many opportunities to change clothes, you can bring more or buy it locally.

Windbreaker, warm clothes, heat tech : If you go in winter, it will change a lot if you have one of these, so we recommend that you bring it with you. Even outside of winter, it can get cold at night, so it's a good idea to prepare.

Towels : Towels are provided at the hotel. Please check that some dormitories are not provided. Local purchase is also possible.


Shoes, sandals (slippers) : Sandals and slippers are useful for relaxing on board. It is convenient to have slippers, as there are few places where slippers are provided except for luxury hotels.

Hats and sunglasses : If you are traveling during the summer season, you should bring it with you.





Instant Japanese food: You may get tired of local meals, so it is convenient to bring a sprinkle, instant miso soup, a tea pack, or a rice pack that can be warmed in a microwave oven.

Also, if you are a homestay or self-catering in a student dormitory, you may have the opportunity to serve Japanese food to British people, so you may want to bring the ingredients on the premise of making vinegared rice or curry. There may be.


This blog is a series of Japanese food menus that are popular with British people made from ingredients in the UK. Please see this if you like.

You can also see the ingredients that can be procured locally from here → Items that can be procured locally

Convenient goods

Laundry items (detergent, clothespins, hangers, washing nets) : Basically, you do the laundry yourself, so it is convenient to have laundry items. Consumables such as detergent should be enough for about a week, but there is no washing net, so please bring it with you.


Writing utensils, notebooks : You can buy them locally, so it is recommended that you bring only the minimum amount.

Luggage checker (portable scale) : Convenient for measuring the weight of luggage when boarding an airplane.

folding umbrella

Travel guidebook

Uchiwa / Folding fan : It is convenient for those who go in the summer. In the UK, there are places where the air conditioner is not a hotel, and the summer subway in London is in a sauna state, so it is useful.


Portable Washlet : Basically, British toilets do not have washlets. If you are interested, we recommend that you bring a portable washlet.

International Driving Permit : If you want to drive a car in the UK or at a travel destination, please obtain it in Japan in advance and bring it with you.


Souvenirs for host families, classmates and teachers who have taken care of you : It doesn't have to be expensive. If you have sweets for sprinkling, you can use it for a small party or a conversation. Curry roux (British people love curry), 100-square fan, foam-type hand soap pump, matcha-based sweets (especially chocolate-based), cute accessory cases, etc. Also, if you make Japanese food, you will be pleased, so if you bring a seasoning for sushi vinegared rice, you can have a party.

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