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How to budget for study abroad and travel in the UK

~ How much does it cost? ~

​ "How long does it take to travel or go on weekends after participating in a three-week program? Is a frequently asked question. But it's also the most difficult question to answer.


"How much free time do you have?", "Where do you want to go?", "What do you want to do there?", "What do you do with your meal?"

The trick to keeping your living expenses down is ...

  • Cook your own meals and avoid eating out as much as possible. When eating out, it's important to choose a pub or fast food restaurant that doesn't require a tip. In addition to tips, 20% service charge and sales tax may be added at the restaurant.

  • Make your own Japanese food without eating it at a restaurant or buying it at a store.

​ ** See also here → Items that can be procured locally

  • If you use public transportation such as trains, the price will be very high if you buy on the day, so make a purchase online in advance. ** Click here for details → How to purchase train tickets

  • If you plan to go here and there by train, the 16-25 Railcard is recommended. You'll have to make a card at the station for £ 30, but it's already a good deal if you're going to London more than once, as it's a one-third discount from the regular fare. If your university / school issues a student ID card, you do not need to obtain an international student ID card in Japan. There are also cards for people over 26 years old. Click here for details → 16-25 Railcard


  • ​ What you can buy at the "100-yen shop" in Japan is not always cheap in the UK. Rather, it feels very expensive when compared to the price. We recommend that you bring your notebooks, folders, and other items that you may need.


Next, I would like to introduce three case studies that say, "How much does it cost in a week for such a lifestyle?" Please refer.

** Click the illustration to jump to each household account book.
Mr. A's first week
Mr. B's first week
C's first week
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