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Get a cheap SIM card in the UK!

There are more places in the UK where you can useWiFi for free than in Japan. This tendency is especially noticeable in big cities, where it can be used at airports, train stations (subway premises are charged), museums & galleries, department stores, restaurants, etc. You can find free Wi-Fi spots on the map below.


London FreeWiFi Hotspot Map



However, it cannot be said that anytime, anywhere. Free Wi-Fi can often be used at schools, dormitories, and hotels without any problems, but when you go out, you can use pocketWiFi brought from Japan or use the overseas roaming service of a Japanese mobile phone company, but it is quite expensive. It is undeniable that it becomes.


If you get aSIM in the UK, you can useWiFi at a relatively reasonable price. However, in that case, it is necessary that theSIM is free or theSIM lock is released by the mobile phone company. So, if you plan to buy a SIM in the UK, check with your mobile operator in advance to see if your device isSIM -free.

** Note: If you are using a doCoMoSIM unlock smartphone, you need to set theAPN by yourself. If you are uncertain about the setting method, please check in advance at the shop.

Which carrier should I choose?  



In the UK, there are carriers such as EE,BT Mobile, O 2 , Giffgaff and Vodafone . Each company has its own unique pricing, and you can choose the one that suits your plan. For reference, I will post a list of each feature.

  UK SIM Card pricing ratio table for each carrier


Among them, I personally recommend theSIM of a telecommunications company called " 3 (Three) ". ThisSIM is cheaper than other companies, and it is worth mentioning that if you visitEU member states such as France, Germany, Spain and Italy during your stay in the UK, you can connect to the Internet at no additional charge. (Of course, if the capacity you originally purchased is exhausted, you will not be able to use any more). There are 71 countries that can be used in addition toEU member states, so if you check at the shop when purchasing, it may include countries that you travel through outside the EU.

In addition, it is important to select a telecommunications company that the shops of " 3 (Three) " are scattered all over the UK and you can go to the shop to solve any problems. It can be said that it is a point.

  Where is the nearest "3 (Three) " shop?


  *** In Leicester, there is a store in a shopping mall calledHighcross (see map)




How to get aSIM card?


There are four main ways to get it.


1) Purchase online and receive aSIM card in Japan.

The disadvantages of this method are that it takes time and it costs money to have it mailed by international registered mail.

Well, you have to set it yourself.

2) Find a nearby shop such as Three from the map above and purchase it in the UK.

Most British cities have telcos shops, so it's a good idea to find a plan you like.

I think it's white. Of course, you can also set it. In this case, if you tell me that you want to buy a SIM called"Pay as you GO"

You can choose.

Recommended for those who "do not have time to look slowly" or "want to access the internet immediately" ...

3) When you arrive at the airport in the UK, go directly to theSIM Local shop and tell the shop clerk how long you stayed and how often you use it.

And get the best one for you

This way, if you buy aSIM , you can have it set up there as well. Fortunately the Lord of England

There is a SIM Local shop at the airport, which is open from 6 am to 10 pm, so you will arrive at the airport at that time.

If so, it is possible to connect to the Internet immediately on the spot.

     "SIM Local" location in major UK airports



4) Purchase at the vending machine near the arrival gate at Heathrow Airport.

  In this case, the conditions for roaming were different even if they were from the same carrier, compared to when purchasing at the shop.

It is important to check before purchasing. You also have to set it yourself.


For those who want to arrive and connect to the internet without hassle, this method is not recommended because it takes a lot of time and effort, but while communicating with the staff in English  Purchasing a SIM card has a different sense of accomplishment.

The cost is much cheaper than renting WIFI, so please try it.

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