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No program application fee !
Program application
It's definitely a great deal via the first try !

 It really takes courage to apply for the study abroad program for the first time .


First of all, I would like to ask various questions about the program before applying, but when I thought about exchanging such a lot of questions in English, I was scared and postponed, saying, "... Well, I'm busy today, so let's do it tomorrow ..." …. Even if I use my courage to send an inquiry email, there is no sound at all ("There is a study abroad program in England"). Even if I thought, "The deadline is approaching, and I have to contact you ...", I'm still procrastinating to "write an email in English, which I'm not good at." Then, when I forgot to apply, I suddenly received a message from the UK saying, "I received an email before, but are you still planning to apply for the program?" The email from the school is long, and there are lots of links to the support site that says "If you don't understand, please refer to it." Hmm. What you can see is that the deadline is approaching. At the end of the e-mail, there is a sentence saying "Please complete the procedure as soon as possible".


This is what the staff experienced when they actually studied abroad.


It can be quite painful for some people to understand the email from the other person in English and reply to it accurately without any misunderstanding. It may seem like "If you can do such a complicated procedure yourself, you don't need to study abroad!" Moreover, as a matter of course, even if you want to participate in the beginner's English course, you have to follow the same application procedure as the advanced one without the application form for the easy English version of "For beginners in English" . Recently, the immigration control system for VISA has been strengthened, and the laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information and consideration for eliminating various discriminations including racial discrimination have been added. The technical terms are lined up so much that it feels like a "contract" rather than a "calligraphy" .

Depending on the agent, these application fees may be charged to the participants, but First Try will be paid by the UK university that operates the program as an [official agent], so the program will be given to the participants. We will not charge any fees for your application. Therefore, you can complete the application procedure in Japanese without worrying about additional costs .


Below, we will introduce the merits of actually using our company.


Benefits of using First Try # 1

 The person in charge was in charge of planning and managing programs for international students at a university in the United Kingdom for a long time.

 The greatest strength of First Try is that the staff in charge of the program was actually in charge of planning and managing the program for international students for 14 years at the University of Leicester . He is in charge of more than 1000 international students of various nationalities every year and has a wealth of experience. We are familiar with the internal circumstances of British universities and will utilize their experience and knowledge to provide detailed support to the needs of international students. In addition, since many of the questions from those who wish to participate can be answered from their own experience, we always try to answer promptly and politely because we do not need to contact the university.


In addition, taking advantage of our strengths because we are in the field, we will support you in making a study abroad plan by creating materials in Japanese that include as much detailed information as possible. In addition, studying abroad is not something that can be decided by the individual student alone, and understanding of the family is also very important. In order to meet the feelings of parents who send their children, we will provide materials in Japanese that will be useful for those who wish to participate when considering the program with their families, and also individually. We also accept consultations.

Benefits of using First Try # 2

 If you can get support for free, it is much easier and safer to use an agent.

The application method is different for each university, and some difficult technical terms pop up, and if you are not familiar with the procedure, it will take a considerable amount of time and the hurdle to participate in the program may be quite high. Unless you pay an extra fee, if the support is free, it's much easier to use us and you can get a lot of useful information.

As a basic service ...

1) Supporting application agency : Online application is required to be entered directly by the participants in order to protect personal information, but the application form entry example and payment method are screenshots in Japanese. We have a full guide.

Also, if you have any problems with the procedure, of course we will support you until the end, so please be assured.

2) Responding to questions from participants : In addition to the questions that can be answered here, if you need to contact the university, we will contact you as an agent and support the participants so that they can participate in the program without problems. .. In addition, we can arrange airport transfers and make reservations for individual trips. (* Fees will be charged separately for these additional services)

3) Support in case of problems during the program period : We have a hotline so that you can contact us anytime if you have any problems in the UK. Even if it is not urgent, you can feel free to contact us onLINE at midnight or on weekends.

Benefits of using First Try # 3

 The staff lives in Leicester. In case of emergency, it can be handled even at midnight!


UK university offices usually work from 9 am to 5 pm and can only deal with life-threatening problems that occur outside of work hours. Many British people have a policy of not checking work emails on weekends, so you may not be able to contact them.


However, it's actually after 5 pm and on weekends that something really goes wrong. And it seems that such emergencies are likely to occur during this "out of working hours" when each person acts freely. for example…

  • When I was taking a shower, the shower head broke and the hot water couldn't stop.

  • No hot water

  • When I was using a hair dryer, it exploded and I dropped the breaker of the entire dormitory.

  • If I forgot the key and went outside, the auto lock was applied and I was locked out in the middle of the night

  • I lost my passport in London (two days before returning to Japan).

  • The suitcase was left at the airport when I returned to Japan

  • I can't go back to the dormitory because my wallet was stolen in Eurostar and I didn't have money

  • Suddenly I had severe abdominal pain, but I 'm not sure if I can handle it by myself, such as calling an ambulance .

  • I am suspected of having an infectious disease and am waiting voluntarily in my room, but I cannot go out to buy food etc.

  • I had a traffic accident


* This is an actual case that we have dealt with so far.


Even if something happens in the first try, since the person in charge lives in the UK, we will respond byLINE call even at night. Also, if necessary, I will go to the site immediately, call the management company on behalf of me, or accompany me to the hospital in case of illness. In addition, it is possible to receive safety confirmation and emergency contact from family members in Japanese.

The key to a successful study abroad program depends on how much material you have collected in advance and how much you are preparing for it. It takes time and money to study abroad, so be prepared and make a wonderful study abroad experience that will be a memory of your life.

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