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About " Study Abroad at Home "


If you have any questions that are not here,

Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form below.

Q) Can I decide the lesson time by myself?

Answer) Yes, there is no problem at all. There is a time difference of 8-9 hours between Japan and the UK, so 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm Japan time is often designated as a lesson. Depending on the schedule of the instructor in charge, we will arrange it according to the customer's schedule as much as possible at other times. Please contact us first.


Q) What kind of person is the instructor? Can you choose here?

Answer) We are very sorry, but we will first ask you what you want, and then we will select and introduce the instructor who seems to be the most suitable. Please note that it is not possible for the customer to select the instructor in charge from several instructor candidates. One of the instructors has a profile posted here. Please refer to it.

Q) How many songs should I prepare?

Answer) Depending on the customer's request, there are various people who have only one song or who prepare several songs. Some of the students who are preparing for recitals, competitions, auditions, etc. are playing through the songs scheduled to be performed for about 10 to 30 minutes, and there is a problem that they are always worried about. In some cases, only that part can be played. Also, it is not necessary for all the songs to be finished for production, and it is okay to take lessons in the middle of finishing, or in the state of "only here in this song, only here in that song". Also, if you want multiple lessons, you don't have to change the song each time.  


Q) Do I need to tell in advance which song I want to play? Is it necessary to send the score in advance ?

Answer) We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you tell us the song you would like to have a lesson at least two weeks before the lesson. As for the score, the song to be played is a general repertoire, and if it is available here, the song title alone is fine.

However, if you wish to take lessons for large songs such as sonatas, it is more accurate to prepare the same score because the numbers and notations of each measure may differ depending on the publisher and edition. I think I can do lessons. If you are concerned about this point, we apologize for the inconvenience, but if you scan and send the score to be used before the lesson, the lesson will proceed smoothly. There is no problem if you have already written various scores for the score you send here, so there is no need to purchase a new score or erase the previous comment with an eraser.

In addition, the score used in the lesson will be responsibly destroyed immediately after the lesson.

Q) What kind of online application do you use? Is it okay to carry the device with me?

Answer) We recommend Skype from the viewpoint of sound quality, but you can also use Zoom if you wish. Also, when using a mobile phone, the sound quality is inevitably lower than that of a personal computer, laptop or tablet, but if you understand this point, there is no problem with using it.




Click here for details on how to use Skype ( group) .

​ Click on theSkype mark on the right.


Click here for details on how to use Zoom ( group) .

​ Click the Zoom mark on the right.

* Zoom has a function that automatically suppresses sounds that are too loud. It is difficult to judge the strength of the piano, so it is recommended to turn it off at the setting.

Q) Is there anything I need to prepare in advance for taking a study abroad lesson at home?

Answer) Please download apps such as Skype as you need to prepare in advance. In that case, please install both Skype and Zoom just in case. Please understand.


Also, during the lesson, you may need to change the angle of the camera each time according to the lesson content, such as "angle where you can easily see your fingers" and "angle where you can see how to use your body well". At that time, the mobile phone orPC may be placed directly on the keyboard, on the upright piano, or next to the music stand of the grand piano, but if the device is placed directly on the piano, the sound will be heard. It may be muffled or pick up noise such as vibration, so if possible, you can get more accurate advice if you have a tripod, or if you don't have a shelf or chair of an appropriate height . Thank you for your cooperation.

Carrying Pencil

Q) Do I have to make a reservation for an interpreter? I would like to know if I can take lessons without an interpreter. How much English do I need?

Answer) Students who have no problem talking in English do not need to book an interpreter at all. Please refer to the video of "Example of study abroad lessons at home" below to determine if you have an interpreter. Online conversations may be a little more difficult than face-to-face conversations. You also need to remember basic music jargon in English.


However, if the instructor determines that it is difficult to establish a conversation, it may be suggested to attach an interpreter and resume the lesson at a later date. In that case, we will give priority to the judgment of the instructor, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


Q) How do you actually proceed with the lesson? Is the sound quality okay?

Answer) Please see the recording of the actual lesson below. In this example, we are using both laptops. The sound during the lesson will be slightly higher in quality than this video (recording will reduce both image quality and sound quality). Also, if you use a mobile phone, it is very convenient to change the angle of the camera, but please be aware that the sound quality will be lower than this video. In this case, it seems that the instructor is more likely to have problems with sound quality and image quality than the students using mobile phones (screen freezes many times, sound skips, etc.). .. This video will have Japanese translation subtitles, but in the actual lesson, an interpreter will be added as a group member and will be verbally translated.


 Q) Is it okay to take a picture of the class during the lesson?

Answer) There is no problem at all. Skype has a recording function, so you can easily record it. However, the videos of the lessons are for private use only, and posting toSNS and video sites is strictly prohibited. Please understand .



Q) Can I ask for lessons even on weekends?

Answer) If the instructor's time is right, there will be no problem even on weekends. Please feel free to contact us.

Q) Are there any age restrictions?

Answer) If one person or a family member is by your side and you can take lessons with a foreign instructor calmly, even small children can take it. The lesson is at least one hour, so if you are a small child who says, "Isn't it a little long for one hour alone?", It is possible for siblings and parents to take alternate lessons. However, in this case, up to two people can be accommodated within one hour of lesson.

Also, if you are a small child, you may be in a bad mood after starting the lesson. If the lesson starts within 10 minutes, the lesson will be transferred to another day, but if the instructor decides that the lesson cannot be continued due to bad mood after that, the lesson cannot be transferred. .. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Once you transfer the fee, you can change the lesson date and time, but we cannot refund it. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Q) What should I do if I feel sick or have to cancel on the day?

Answer) If you are not feeling well on the day of the event, or if you have a sudden schedule, we will check the schedule of the instructor and give you a transfer lesson. However, please note that in this case, the same instructor as the instructor who was initially instructed may not be able to give the lesson.

Also, if you are a small child, you may be in a bad mood after starting the lesson. If the lesson starts within 10 minutes, the lesson will be transferred to another day, but if the instructor decides that the lesson cannot be continued due to bad mood after that, the lesson cannot be transferred. .. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Once you transfer the fee, you can change the lesson date and time, but we cannot refund it. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Q) What if there is a problem with the connection to the Internet on the day, or a problem with the image or sound quality?

Answer) A few days before the lesson, we will check with the customer through the interpreter and the actual app to see if you can actually connect online without any problems. If there is any problem with the internet connection on the day, we will adjust the schedule and transfer the problematic time with mutual consent.

Example: Of the 1-hour lesson schedule, if the lesson is completed for the first 20 minutes, but then the connection cannot be established with 40 minutes left, the 40-minute lesson will be transferred at a later date.

Q) Is it okay for parents to observe the lesson together?

Answer) Of course, there is no problem at all. Instructors tend to welcome the support of parents very much, so if possible, we would appreciate it if you could take lessons together.


Q) I would like to send a video of what I played in advance to the instructor and get a comment about it ...

Answer) We can arrange it without any problem. Basically, we will use the performance video time + 20 minutes as the time for analysis of the performance, and the remaining time will be used for online lessons. The commentary is basically a style that is spoken orally in the lesson.

Example: If you make a reservation for one and a half hours, the online lesson time for studying abroad at home will be 60 minutes, which is obtained by subtracting the total of 30 minutes of 10 minutes of playing time + 20 minutes of performance analysis by the instructor from 90 minutes.

Q) I would like something like a comment received during the lesson, a comment on the performance, or a certificate that I actually took the lesson ...

Answer) There is no charge for forwarding a simple lesson attendance certificate by e-mail, but if you wish to formally provide feedback in writing, we will charge an additional fee. Feedback, letters of recommendation from the instructor in charge, etc. are prepared for 30 to 100 pounds per copy. This amount does not include translation and shipping charges for original documents to Japan, so please contact us if you would like this service as well. In addition, it may be necessary to reserve at least a few lessons for customers who wish to receive a letter of recommendation for a music college or competition. Please contact us as well.




First try is different here!

   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you until the end, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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