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Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson

Piano private lesson

Basic charge setting and application procedure

The lesson arrangement fee is as follows.



1. 1. Lesson fee: £ 120 per hour

(20% consumption tax included. Finger warm-up time of about 15 minutes before each lesson included)


2. 2. Arrangement fee for lessons: £ 180 (20% consumption tax included)


The above arrangement fee includes the following.

  • Pre-meeting and lesson arrangement

  • At the time of the first lesson, if you wish to be guided from your accommodation in London (in Zone 3) to the instructor's house (including transportation expenses for staff), you can also visit your accommodation or the next visit when you return after the lesson. Accompany you to the destination (in London Zone 3).

  • We will send you feedback from the instructor by email after the lesson.

  • Interpretation for the first lesson (no time limit)

  • Reservation of lesson rooms during your stay in the UK (Lesson rooms need to be booked early, but please note that you may have to use multiple lesson rooms depending on availability / desired hours of use.)

Items not included in the arrangement cost

  • flight ticket

  • Overseas travel insurance

  • Transportation expenses for customers to the instructor's house

  • Accommodation fees

  • Piano lesson room fee

  • Other costs such as concert tickets, sheet music, etc. purchased on our behalf



[Score] The following services are also available free of charge to customers who have booked lessons of 4 hours or more.


  • Mail the original instructor feedback to your desired address

  • Arranging tickets for trains and long-distance buses during your stay in the UK (Tickets can be expensive for last minute purchases, so advance purchases are recommended, especially for train transfers)

  • Arrangement of concert tickets, etc.

  • Sheet music ordering service (If you wish to purchase sheet music, we will order it in advance and hand it to you on the day of the lesson)


3. 3. Lesson brokerage fee only: £ 120 (20% sales tax included)


If you do not need the above services other than the lesson arrangements described in 2), you will only be charged a lesson brokerage fee of £ 120.


4. Reference prices for other services (All reference prices below include 20% consumption tax)


This cost will vary greatly depending on what you apply for. Please refer to it as an example.

[Interpretation / sightseeing guide fee] (Same amount for up to 5 people)

Half day £ 120 (4 hours / staff transportation included)

£ 210 a day (9 hours / staff transportation included)

Items included in the price:

1) Staff's transportation expenses in London

2) 20% consumption tax

Not included in the price:

1) If the staff needs to accompany you from 9 pm to 9 am for sightseeing from early morning or for transportation to the hotel after watching the musical, local accommodation expenses or actual transportation expenses for the staff

2) Food expenses for staff when they wish to accompany staff to restaurants, etc.

3) Admission fee for staff when admission fee is required

[Interpretation by online call during lessons]

£ 12 every 30 minutes

[Heathrow Airport transfer]

£ 100 each (same price for up to 5 people; applicable between London and Heathrow Airport):

Costs included in the price:

1) Staff's transportation expenses in London (except when traveling by limited express train)

2) Pick-up and drop-off to your desired location in the hotel or London

3) Support for moving luggage

4) Shopping support for groceries on the first day

5) Tax exemption procedure support when returning to Japan

6) Sightseeing & interpretation service for 4 hours from the estimated time of arrival

7) 20% consumption tax

Costs not included in the price:

1) Transportation costs to your London city or airport

2) If the boarding machine is significantly delayed (90 minutes or more from the scheduled time), staff expenses will be borne by it.

Note: However, airport transfer will not occur if the staff is already accompanied on the day of transfer.


1. 1. Please let us know the date and time of your trip to the UK, and let us know your desired lesson date, number of lessons, and lesson time. We will make arrangements and will contact you as soon as the date and time are confirmed.


2. 2. If you would like to arrange a hotel, lesson room, day trip, public transport ticket, etc. after the lesson schedule is confirmed, please let us know.

3. 3. Once all reservations have been confirmed, we will send you a cost estimate.

4. Fee payment method

There are two payment methods below.


① Credit card payment

② Transfer from a bank or post office


If we arrange a lesson room reservation, hotel, concert ticket, train ticket purchase, sheet music purchase, etc. in advance, it will be equivalent to the purchase / reservation amount and lesson fee of 2 hours. We request £ 240 and £ 180 for arrangement within one week of completing the application process.


Regarding this, if the trip itself is canceled, we will deal with the cancellation procedure here, and we will refund all the refunded ones, but it will be 240 pounds, which is equivalent to 2 hours of lesson fee. Please note that the £ 180 arrangement fee is non-refundable after payment.



First try is different here!

   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you locally, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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