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UK short-term study abroad support

"It's dangerous ... I forgot ..." "I want that ..."

Items that can be procured locally

"I don't know if it's there, so I'll take it for the time being." When I started packing, I was surprised that it was a considerable amount of luggage. If this is not just a trip but a short-term study abroad stay for a few weeks, the luggage will be even larger as detergent and food will be added to the luggage. The baggage on the way back will almost certainly increase with souvenirs, so the trick to traveling lightly is not to bring anything that can be purchased locally at a low price.

​ Below are some that are also available in the UK and those that are cheaper to get in the UK.

1. 1.SIM

There are more places in the UK where you can useWiFi for free than in Japan. This tendency is especially noticeable in big cities, where it can be used at airports, train stations (subway premises are charged), museums & galleries, department stores, restaurants, etc. You can find free Wi-Fi spots on the map below.


London FreeWiFi Hotspot Map



However, it cannot be said that anytime, anywhere. Free Wi-Fi can often be used at schools, dormitories, and hotels without any problems, but when you go out, you can use pocketWiFi brought from Japan or use the overseas roaming service of a Japanese mobile phone company, but it is quite expensive. It is undeniable that it becomes.


If you get aSIM in the UK, you can useWiFi at a relatively reasonable price. However, in that case, it is necessary that theSIM is free or theSIM lock is released by the mobile phone company. So, if you plan to buy a SIM in the UK, check with your mobile operator in advance to see if your device isSIM -free.

*** Note: If you are using a doCoMoSIM unlock smartphone, you need to set theAPN by yourself. If you are uncertain about the setting method, please check in advance at the shop.



2. 2. electric appliances



Isn't " Travel Adapters " the number one essential item that is easy to forget, "I should have put it in my luggage ..."? Even if I brought it, "It exploded as soon as I plugged in the dryer and turned on the switch on the first day! 』I was ruined by an accident. What's more, even if you try to buy it again, in addition to where it is, it is an item that says "I don't know what the name is ...".


It's only used during my stay in the UK, so it's no wonder everyone thinks "the cheapest one is the best". At such times, the shop "Argos" is a place where you can easily find electrical appliances and items around your computer at a very reasonable price. If it's a small town, there is always one shop in the nationwide chain store.


To buy, first go to the shop, search for what you want from the catalog placed on the table, enter the item number on the screen in front of you, and pay with a credit card. When the payment is completed, a paper like a receipt is printed, and the number is printed large on it, so sit in the chair for a minute or two until the number is called, and wait ... and that's it!

In addition, it may be cheaper to purchase locally, such as hair dryers, which are expensive for overseas travel specifications and are expensive to purchase in Japan. Hair dryers start at around 1500 yen.

 Argos (You can find products in the catalog here)

Also, for computer-related and highly specialized items, this is recommended.


Currys PC World (You can find products in the catalog here)



You may be able to reduce your luggage by checking the catalog before you go to England.


3. 3. Food



If you bring various foods and ingredients from Japan and actually arrive in the UK and go to the supermarket, you may feel "that? Even if you don't bring it, it's here too!". In England, which has been a Japanese food boom for a long time, sushi packs are now sold at supermarkets for lunch.


In Leicester, you can get cheap and fresh vegetables and fruits at the open market in the middle of the city center, and when you look at the assortment of meat, sausages, ham and cheese in the supermarket, the UK is dairy. You will realize that it is a country.


That said, if you stay in the UK for a few weeks, you may want Japanese food and familiar food. In such a case, we would like to introduce "locally prepared ingredients".

This shop is very convenient because it is about a 5-minute walk from Leicester Station. Please see the store's assortment on the slide below. (See map below)

  Mega Oriental Supermarket Leicester

We have soy sauce, sake, doubanjiang, wasabi, mayonnaise, rice vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, etc.

4. medicine



If you get sick while traveling, your enjoyment will be halved.


It's best to bring the medicines you're used to from Japan all the time, but in the unlikely event that you need medicines due to unexpected symptoms, we recommend a store calledBoots . This shop is a chain store and is very convenient because it is everywhere, including the airport. Also, not only medicines but also cosmetics and a little lunch are sold, so you may find it easy to use because it is close to a Japanese drug store.

The name of the medicine written here is very common in the UK, "This is the symptom! It is a medicine that is used synonymously. The price is reasonable, but when purchasing, be sure to explain the symptoms to the pharmacist and check for allergies by yourself before using.


Pain (painkiller)

​​ Common headache drug: Paracetamol (a drug with few side effects that is said to be irritating to pregnant women in the UK)

Pain in low back pain, knees, stiff shoulders, etc .: Ibuprofen (drinking medicine, especially used for joint pain) / Voltarol (pain for low back pain, knees, stiff shoulders, etc.)

** In addition to the above, there is also a warmer-like material that can be applied to warm the affected area (not recommended because the temperature is too low for warming on cold days).

Stomach & bowel (Gastrointestinal medicine, stomach pain, indigestion)

Anti- diarrhea: Imodium

Constipation (Chinese medicine: senna): Senokot

Footcare (Foot trouble)

​​ Shoe rubbing: Heel Blister Plasters (right photo)

Cough, cold & flu  ( Symptoms of a cold)

Sore throat: Vicks VapoRub

Difficulty sleeping due to a cold: Night Nurse

Sore throat: Lemsip (dissolve in hot water and drink. Sore throat is relieved)

Mouth & oral care

Mouth ulcer: Bonjela ( an ointment that suppresses inflammation of mouth ulcer)

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