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[Discover the entire British culture! ] Summer program

Discover British culture


Summer program

Bucket & Spade

Holding period: August 8th (Monday) -August 26th (Friday), 2022

Venue: University of Leicester, UK  

Participation fee: £ 2050

  * Approximately 330,000 yen (converted as approximately 160 yen per pound as of April 2022)

Items included in the entry fee:

  • Tuition and program materials

  • Accommodation fee [ Available date for entering the dormitory: Sunday , August 7, 2022 / Saturday, August 27, leaving the dormitory]

  • Expenses for social events, activities, and day trips listed in the program timetable (including only transportation expenses to the site, excluding other meals and admission fees)

  • Summer program participation souvenir

  • Program certificate and feedback from the instructor


  • Being 18 years or older

  • Working people are also welcome

English proficiency: Eiken Level 2 (Eiken Level 3 isOK if you like English! )

Application deadline: June 23, 2022 (Friday)

Introducing customized courses ahead of others at UK universities
Instructors with the highest ratings in the British Council are in charge
A very satisfying program.
That is the University of Leicester [Discover the entire British culture! ] It is a summer program


It's been about two years since I couldn't even go abroad because of the new corona infection. The United Kingdom is no exception, and London, which is usually crowded with tourists and international students, has been quietly quiet for a long time. In the meantime, although the online lessons held as an alternative have many advantages, they still say, "Actually see and experience with your own eyes! It is undeniable that there was a lack of motivation for many people to "want to study abroad."


The long-awaited short-term study abroad program in the UK will be resumed for the first time in two years!

The University of Leicester is a university where Mako Akishino (maiden name) has a master's degree in museology. (* Museology at the University of Leicester is always ranked high in the UK .) The university chosen by the Japanese imperial family ... From that point of view, the quality of the University of Leicester and the safety of the city of Leicester itself You will be able to know.

The great thing about this program is that it is a perfect combination of the [academic] lessons that Leicester University is good at and the [experience] of British culture .


Speaking of England, "afternoon tea". In experiencing the afternoon tea, you will study the vocabulary around the afternoon tea, frequently used English phrases, etiquette and culture in the lessons. Before you go on a trip to London, you will learn "useful English" and history that are useful to know when shopping or traveling, as well as sightseeing spots that British people especially recommend. I don't notice that [Academic] and [Experience] are so naturally linked, but when I was actually shopping in London, I said, "Oh ... the phrase I learned yesterday ... can I use it?" You should come across many scenes like that. When I tried using the phrase I just learned, the successful experience of "I actually understood!" Was so rich that I couldn't think of it as a short study abroad program of 3 weeks, and made my stay in England a fun and unforgettable memory. Will give you.

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