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Features of the University of Leicester

 " THE  University  The University of Leicester, ranked 37th in the world in Impact Rankings 2019 , is highly regarded internationally for its innovative research, especially in its science fields of medicine, genetic engineering, astronomical physics, and mathematics. The University of Leicester, which was the first in the world to use DNA as a method of forensic science to solve a murder case, continued to use genetic fingerprinting to make the human bones found in the parking lot of Leicester Cathedral famous in British history. It is a new memory to have surprised the world by finding out that it was the remains of Richard III.


In addition, it is famous as a world-leading university in the fields of space development and degenerative disease treatment, and as a unique curriculum, museology and the Faculty of Media Studies are among the best in the UK, and are popular with international students all over the world. I am exploring.

Total number of students: Approximately 18,000 (10800 bachelor's degree / 7200 master's degree / 5900 international students)

History of the University of Leicester

   In 1917 , the Leicester Daily Post was an editorial to Leicester citizens who were in despair due to the war, rather than investing political funds in the construction of monuments to pursue the dead, for the future development of Leicester. Insisted that it should be used for something more practical. After the end of the war, local newspapers, Leicester Post and Leicester Mail, called on Leicester, who had previously had no college, to donate to build a college. The predecessor of the University of Leicester,Leicestershire and Rutland University College , was founded as a result of the efforts of many people, and was founded by the British philanthropistThomas Fielding Johnson , who was based in the textile industry. With a large amount of donations, we will make a big step from college to university. It accepted its first students in 1921, grew into an external educational institution that could earn credits from the University of London in 1927, and finally became officially accredited as a university by the Kingdom of the United Kingdom in 1957. The name is still engraved on the building in the center of the university to honor the contribution of this philanthropist, Fielding Johnson.







University campus and the city of Leicester

Located in the heart of England, Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, built during the Roman period. It is about an hour by train from London and is easily accessible from other major cities. It is also famous as a student-friendly city, and has been ranked as the cheapest small and medium-sized city many times in the past.


 Many historical heritage sites from the Tudor era remain in the center of the city, and there are many facilities essential for student life, such as a newly built huge shopping mall, sports club, and bar. Victoria Park, which is rich in nature, is adjacent to the back of the university, and in the summer, students can be seen reading books while lying on the grass, relaxing in a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can study hard.

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University facilities / equipment

At the heart of the campus is theDavid Wilson Library , where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attended the opening ceremony, with over one million books. In addition, the library equipped with a group study room, self-study room, computer, etc. is open 24 hours a day, and if you get tired, you can relax in the cafe area in the library. The functional and innovative design of the library was highly evaluated by the Japan Association of National University Libraries and was awarded the Library Design Award.

University of Leicester Recommended Faculty

Leicester Medical School

Approximately 2,000 applications are submitted each year from all over the UK to the capacity of 290 people. The secret to its popularity is probably because it has George Davis, who owns state-of-the-art medical equipment, which opened in September 2016 and was touted as the largest investment in the UK medical education community at the time of its establishment. There are three university hospitals within a radius of 5 km from the medical school, and each hospital has its own specialty, so medical students can learn about each expert's specialty from an early stage. ..

School of Business

The Faculty of Economics at the University of Leicester was popular for its fascinating instructors and lecture content, but in recent years it merged with the Faculty of Management to establish the Faculty of Business. The course covers modern economic theories such as micro-macroeconomics and mathematical methodologies, such as theIMF (International Monetary Fund ),OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ), and the World Bank. By teaching with instructors who have experience working in Japan, you can acquire practical skills.

Biological Sciences

Genetic Fingerprinting , which is currently used in many forensics, was developed and practiced at the University of Leicester in 1984. Since then, in-university research in the field of genes has attracted attention from all over the world, and even when the remains of Richard III were excavated in 2012, the technical capabilities of research in this field were proved. The University of Leicester's Biomedicine course allows you to specialize in areas of your interest, including genetics, biochemistry, neuroscience, and zoology.

Astrophysicsand Astronomy Department  )

The University of Leicester, which won the 5th place in the UK in recent university rankings and physics in the Guardian, is the UK's leading educational institution in physics research. With state-of-the-art computer equipment, you can study a wide range of topics, from the basics of physics to mathematics, classical mechanics, atomic physics, and particle physics. The Astrophysics course is one of the UK's longest-running courses in the field, allowing you to study more specialized areas related to the "universe".

University of Leicester tuition and scholarships

International student tuition ( 2019/2020)




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