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What kind of city is Lester?

Leicester is a typical "school city" with multiple universities, including the University of Leicester, near the city center. The University of Leicester, founded in 1921, is also a world-class city of education and scholarship, and as one of the best universities in the UK, student satisfaction is also due to the high quality of education. It is a famous prestigious national university that won the top in the UK.


Leicester covers an area of 73.32 square kilometers and has a population of about 350,000. It's not big, but it's the most populous municipality in the East Midlands.


For sports fans, Leicester may be the first to be named as the soccer team "Leicester City Football Club". Shinji Okazaki, a Japanese player, once belonged to the group, and in 2016, when he achieved a miracle victory in the Premier League, you may have often heard the unfamiliar place name Leicester in Japan. Hmm. It is also the home of the European champion Leicester Tigers, a professional rugby team.


What is your local character?

​ The mascot of the city of Leicester is the fox ... In fact, Leicester is said to be the birthplace of "fox hunting," which was once said to be an aristocratic sport. It seems that royal officials and other aristocrats are still enjoying fox hunting, but I hear that fox hunting itself is due to the strength of the world's "fox hunting = animal cruelty" these days.​ It's almost gone.

Culture & Food Culture

Also, when talking about Leicester, it must be mentioned that this is also the most immigrant and international city in the UK and is home to diverse races. In particular, there are many immigrants from Southwest Asia such as India and Pakistan, and welcome words are written in the languages of Asian countries at the station. For this reason, there are so many curry restaurants, and it is very famous as a city where you can eat authentic curry outside India.

On both sides of the road called Melton Road, which is a little far from the city center, there are Bitchiri and Indian restaurants, Indian food stores, shops selling Indian folk costumes, and precious metal shops (Golden for India). They seem to love accessories, and some of these precious metal stores sell precious metals by weight. Many Leicester citizens buy wedding rings at these stores because they are reasonably priced), and to Japanese people. There are a lot of sweet Indian dessert shops that are a little sweet and almost melted, and on weekends, it is crowded with people who visit Leicester for shopping for authentic curry and Indian food taste from around London. increase. Authentic Indian spices are sold by weight and are incredibly cheap and lined up in stores. However, since the amount is in kilograms, I hear people who come for sightseeing say that even if it is cheap, they cannot buy it.

Transportation convenience

Based on the main railway station Leicester Station, to various cities such as London (about 1 hour by train), Birmingham (about 1 hour by train), Nottingham (25 minutes by train), Cambridge (about 2 hours by train) You can go to play on a day trip.


While trains are priced a bit more expensive (it feels really expensive to buy on the day), long-distance buses such as the National Express , which departs from St Margaret's Coach Station, are a strong ally of students (long in the UK). A distance bus is called a coach), and a round trip to London can be less than one-third the price of a train. However, it will take at least 2 hours and 15 minutes one way, so I think it will be flexible depending on the purpose. Direct flights also come to Leicester from Birmingham Airport and Heathrow Airport.

Indian Classical Dance

Prices and shopping circumstances

Originally, prices are not high in the UK, but because it is an environmental city that aims to create an environment for students, there are many commercial facilities with student discounts and free admission. Even if you live alone, you can live for about 50,000 yen per month in Japanese yen, so you will be able to live at the same amount as the living expenses in Japan.

There are many shopping malls in Leicester, and there are many supermarkets and drug stores. There are markets in the city that sell fresh vegetables and fruits, so you don't have to worry about shopping or buying everyday items. Due to the large number of Indian immigrants, there are also many curry shops.


Tourist attractions

Leicester Cathedral

The cathedral became more famous after the reburial of the body of King Richard III of England in the 15th century. The tomb of Richard III is currently set up inside, and you can learn more about the history by taking a tour held at the church. There is a charge for the tour, but admission to the church is free.

Richard III Museum

It is the museum of Richard III, the "Tragedy King" who died in the War of the Roses that broke out after the end of the Hundred Years War and became a play by the famous novelist Shakespeare. This museum was built in front of the place where the remains of Richard III were excavated. Currently, the remains have been re-buried in Leicester Cathedral, but the holes dug as the remains excavation site are left open and can still be seen today.

MB627_8669_edit_820-318x212 - Richard II

Guild hall

A guild hall that was built in 1390 with white walls that are often seen in the Tudor era. It is said to be the oldest building in England. There are rumors that it has become a psychic spot due to its long history, including the prison cell used at that time and the tools used for punishment. free entrance. Illuminated at night, it creates a very fantastic atmosphere with the neighboring Leicester Cathedral.

Julie Wall Museum

There is the remains of a bathhouse in Rome, which is said to be the largest in England, and a museum is set up next to it. The remains of a Saxon woman excavated in the neighborhood and restored figures of her life are on display. **** Currently closed due to renovation.

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