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❝ It seems that I was quite tired overseas, which I'm not used to, and being able to stay at my homestay made me feel very calm ❞

❝ At first, it was "I'll leave it to you", but at the end, it became a greedy plan with "This and that ...". I was able to do that because it was a personal trip. It was a petit luxury, but if you might only be able to go there once in your lifetime, I thought you would enjoy it. ❞

Q) Please tell us the reason why you used our company.


  The reason why I contacted Mr. First Try was that "I want to have my child experience a homestay in consideration of the time when he / she will study abroad in the future." At the end, it was replaced by "I want to have a homestay with my parents!" (Laughs). There is no plan to have a homestay with parents and children, and neither of them can speak English so much, so I was a little worried about the English host family, but it was that there was a Japanese host mother at the homestay destination. So I was able to leave it with confidence.

Q) Are there any particular points you were particular about when consulting?


  I asked for a schedule of 2 nights and 3 days. While making a plan, I asked for a day trip with my host family on weekends (a place I recommend because it's good anywhere), afternoon tea, and shopping at a local supermarket. I want to have the same experience as people. "


At first I left it to me, but as I made detailed plans, I said, "I want to eat fish and chips at the pub (because I'm scared alone)", "I want to go to the Cotswolds", "If the weather is nice" I also want to take a walk, "and I ended up asking for a lot of 2 nights and 3 days.

Slice of Cake

Q) Is there anything that left a strong impression on you?


I had a homestay in a city called Lester. I had heard the name of Mako Akishino because she was studying abroad.​ It was like a calm little school city.


On the first day, I was introduced to the city of Leicester and the shopping mall, but I was surprised at the scale and product lineup of the mall! Also, I had a favorite perfume and chocolate shop that I thought I could only get in London, and I changed my impression that it was a mistake to think "Lester is a little countryside ...?".


After that, the authentic afternoon tea I was asking for!

We, who are unfamiliar with us, dared to take us to a store that we really wanted to do at a local home rather than an expensive hotel.

Cakes with macaroons, fruits and plenty of sandwiches (roast beef sandwiches were excellent!). Even though the tea was dark blue, it wasn't astringent at all, and I fully enjoyed the authentic afternoon tea.


However, it was too cozy, and while I was eating, the shop started cleaning the kitchen, and the smell of bleach came to me, but I closed my mouth. "This is not Japan, is Europe easygoing? It was a big laugh


Fish and Chips

The second day is from an early morning walk that I couldn't do in London. I asked my host family for my sleeping daughter and walked to a nearby park. It is sometimes called a residential area, but unlike London, the sky was wide, blue, and the air was clear.


After breakfast, today we went sightseeing in the villages including the Stowe village in the Cotswolds. About two hours drive from Leicester.

Due to the good weather, the cityscape with yellow walls is unique to this region. It was wonderful that it could be a postcard no matter where you copied it. There was only one of the highlights of sightseeing in England, and I met many tours from Japan and China. The main street is a cafe and souvenir shop for tourists, and I thought it was the same for Izuko, but even if I walked a little further back, the roads and gardens were in good condition. I was deeply impressed by the concerns of the people who lived there.


I also wanted to experience this for lunch, fish and chips at the pub. What came out was big enough to stick out of the plate, but the clothes were crispy and very delicious, and my daughter was flattened.


At night, I was taken to a huge local supermarket and bought sweets, wine, and beer for souvenirs and local consumption. It's considerably cheaper than Japan! Strawberries, which end in May in Japan, are said to be summer fruits in England and were sold in large packs. My daughter who loves strawberries is overjoyed! Compared to Japan, it has a stronger acidity, but here it seems that it is eaten with a thick cream that is different from Japanese ones, so there is no problem. It's also a fun memory to have a small banquet with the wine I bought.


The third day of Leicester is a sightseeing tour of Oxford. To the world of Harry Potter! I was looking forward to it, but it was raining ... Even in the rain, there was a taste of wet bricks and the walls of the building, and fortunately, I was guided mainly indoors, such as the university campus, the church with wonderful stained glass, and the natural history museum, so it was too painful. did not. The university cafeteria used in the movie was a masterpiece, and many Japanese who like Harry Potter came here as well.


Tonight is the last night of Leicester. My daughter enjoyed playing a game tournament with her host family's children, who became friends with her.


I enjoyed sightseeing in other cities a lot, but it seemed that I was quite tired overseas because I wasn't used to it with my children, and being able to stay at "home" in Leicester made me feel very calm.

What's more, it was a lot of fun to learn about good local spots that you can't find in guidebooks.


The rain was terrible, but there were many places I could see indoors, so I didn't have any problems.

YN 's 2 nights 3 days homestay schedule

Breakdown of local staff costs

Homestay for 2 nights and 3 days: £ 100 per night *** (Lester only. 2 people in the same room. If you have a separate room, it will be £ 80 per person. If you want a separate room, can you stay in the same homestay? We cannot guarantee it.)

*** Costs included in the price:

1) Transfer fee between Leicester Station and homestay on arrival and departure dates

2) Advance arrangement with homestay

3) Support for moving luggage

4) Interpretation for clerical talks with the homestay

5) Procedures and expenses when there is a request to change the homestay destination

6) Breakfast and dinner (only when eating at homestay)

7) 20% consumption tax

*** Costs not included in the price:

1) Arrangements such as day trips

2) Transportation expenses from the homestay (host families do not pick up and drop off. Please use public transportation such as buses)

3) Insurance (preliminary conditions for overseas travel insurance) such as damage to homestay equipment and damage to the house (eg, water leaks from the ceiling due to the hot water in the bath overflowing the floor) Please check with)


​ Conversion rate when using our company: 1 pound = 127 yen (September 2019)

This cost will vary greatly depending on what you apply for. Please refer to it as an example. Please contact us for a quote here.

*** First try is different here!


   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you locally, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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