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  In terms of costs, I was grateful that the cost was lower than the cost of short-term study abroad at the school my boy attended. ❞ Living in NagoyaYT

It seemed that I enjoyed spending my days communicating with good friends only in English, without having to hang out with only Japanese people.

Q) Please tell us the reason why you used our company.


  The first thing I thought was that I could leave my high school boy to study abroad for a short period in the summer alone with peace of mind. Since I was able to respond to sincerity, careful consideration, parental perspective, and child perspective, I quickly decided on a convincing plan. It was very good that I was able to plan according to the schedule of the summer vacation when my child's schedule was full .

Q) Are there any particular points you were particular about when consulting?


  Since I went there, I had a desire to improve my English conversation skills. The content of the lessons at the language school and the homestay (staying for 2 weeks during the language training period) were more than requested.


I didn't feel like hanging out with only Japanese people (Note: This is a program where international students from Italy occupy a lot, and there is only one Japanese person, YT), and I spent my days communicating with good friends only in English. Above all, it was a learning experience and it seemed to be fun.


I asked for sightseeing in London on the weekend, and it seems that it was a really fulfilling two weeks that I enjoyed there as well. In terms of costs, I was grateful that the cost was lower than the cost of short-term study abroad at the school my boy attended.

Q) Is there anything that left a strong impression on you?


No matter what I consulted, they responded sincerely and gave me a heartfelt response in everything. If you want to go like home, but you can't find it yourself and you're wondering which company to ask, you should talk to First Try first! I am proud to introduce you.


Also, if you have the opportunity to study in the UK, I would like you to plan your own original study abroad. At that time, thank you again. Thank you for meeting. Thank you very much for your kindness.


Play billiards at a pub with an English friend I met while studying abroad! I was able to win overwhelmingly and felt great!

YT 's 2-week short-term language study abroad schedule

Summer vacation 2 weeks short-term study abroad program cost breakdown

Summer Program 2 Weeks Participation Fee: £ 980 ***

*** Costs included in the price:

1) 2-week language program

2) Homestay fee 2 weeks (breakfast / lunch or sandwich lunch / dinner included)

3) Simple insurance for the duration of your stay (Since it covers injuries during the program and simple treatment at the hospital, it is recommended that you separately contract for overseas travel insurance before entering the UK. )

4) Textbook fee used in the course

5) Admission and meals for activities listed in the timetable


*** Costs not included in the price:

1) Bus commuter pass from homestay to school (host families do not pick up and drop off at school. Please use public transportation such as buses)

2) Weekend day trips and post-class activity costs

3) Transfer from the airport

4) Insurance (preliminary conditions for overseas travel insurance) such as damage to homestay equipment and damage to the house (eg, water leaks from the ceiling due to the hot water in the bath overflowing the floor) Please check with)

5) Round-trip air ticket to the UK

Arrangement set: 360 pounds ***

*** Costs included in the price:

1) Course registration procedure

2) Safety confirmation during stay and hotline service in Japanese 24 hours a day

3) Travel preparation guidance before studying abroad (email, LINE, Skype, etc. will be available at any time)

4) Transfer service and transportation expenses from the airport on the day of arrival and departure to the homestay (when using Birmingham Airport, which is the nearest airport to the language school)

5) Advance arrangement with homestay

6) Interpretation for clerical talks with homestay

7) Procedures and expenses when there is a request to change the homestay destination

8) Weekend London day trip 1 day staff dispatch fee and staff transportation fee (Public transportation fee, meal fee, admission fee will be charged separately)

9) 20% consumption tax

Conversion rate when using our company: 1 pound = 134 yen (July 2019)

This cost will vary greatly depending on what you apply for. Please refer to it as an example. Please contact us for a quote here.

Reference: Program details timetable for the first week (Click the timetable to enlarge)

第1週目時間割 7月22日~7月26日.JPG

​Day 1 Arrival at Birmingham Airport

Our staff will meet you at the airport arrival gate. Then drive to your homestay. We will inform you that your family has arrived safely.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

​Day 3 Language school starts

"Team building training" to go to the park and promote friendship with other international students.


The Japanese noticed that they were the only ones, and after that they were almost Italian, so I was surprised twice! The days of being immersed in English have begun.

There was activity in the morning, and the style of studying in the afternoon was also novel (laughs).

**The photograph is an image

Building Homes

​Day 2 Sightseeing in Birmingham

After breakfast, we went sightseeing in Birmingham for half a day with our host family and two Italian high school girls who also have a homestay in the same house.


​Day 6 amusement park

I played for a day at an amusement park famous for having a lot of screaming machines called Drayton Manor Park . Today was a good opportunity to put into practice what I have studied so far. I ran around and played with an Italian who was already a friend.

Drayton Manor.jpg

​Day 8 London Sightseeing

​ I went to London with the staff of First Try and a British boy of the same year. I was surprised at the length of the line to enter the British Museum (it may have been a concentration of tourists because it was raining), but when I looked around Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, etc. I came to London! " It was a satisfying day to go to Harrods before returning and get various "London-like" souvenirs.

British Museum m.jpg

​Day 15 Birmingham Airport

I had the staff send me to Birmingham Airport. It was early in the morning, so I asked him to make a Japanese-style bento. I have participated in studying abroad at school management, but I heard that studying abroad as an individual gave me confidence in that I had to solve various problems myself. I feel it.


​Day 13 Home Pieponto

I went to an activity park called Holme Pierrepont . There were some activities that used a lot of physical activity, but I played at each pace until I sweated well. By this time, I had a lot of good friends, so I enjoyed things that required teamwork.

download (1) - Holme Pierrepont Country

​Day 14 Last day of language school

It was two weeks in no time. At the end, everyone shook hands firmly and broke up. Thanks to the cheerful Italian students, I was able to spend a two-week program with constant laughter.

Students During Break

*** First try is different here!


   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you locally, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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