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St Paul with Rie and Yui - m.jpg
❝ I was really grateful that I was able to immerse myself in sightseeing without worrying about words while I was guided! ❞ Living in Okayama Prefecture​ RN

❝ Parent-child overseas travel debut of "What children want to do first!"

I'm not confident in English enough to go around on my own, but it's a bit of a tour for adults ... ❞

Q) Please tell us the reason why you used our company.


  I planned a trip to England with my elementary school children, but there was no tour where I could go only where I wanted to go. I'm not confident, I don't know the geography or traffic conditions ... So, when I asked an acquaintance living in the area, he introduced me to First Try by saying that he would support my personal trip in detail.

Q) Are there any particular points you were particular about when consulting?


  Children are together, so sightseeing! shopping! Instead of saying that, I wanted to prioritize where my child wanted to go, and to make the trip a reasonable schedule and above all to satisfy my child. The meeting in advance was by e-mail or Skype, but he gave me a schedule that properly included this request and said, "I can change it in any form, so please feel free to tell me." There was almost no place to change.


The hotel you were planning to stay in London was also a very good hotel, with facilities that were a lot cheaper than the starred hotels that can be booked from Japan on the reservation site, and that were comparable to Japanese city hotels. Moreover, breakfast for children is free! It's kind to your wallet (laughs) Since the reservation site is only in English, you couldn't even make a reservation on your own, but it was very helpful to check the reservation method, plan, and amount.


Also, I was very relieved that he gave me detailed information on immigration at the airport in advance and kept in touch with me on LINE until I arrived.


In addition to this request, you can get a guide to a little-known spot nearby, teach you the tax exemption procedure in detail, and get a train or bus ticket that is very complicated for travelers to understand. We compared the time and amount of money and asked, "Which one would you like to do?"

Q) Is there anything that left a strong impression on you?


In the latter half of the itinerary, there was a day when I didn't ask for a guide in London for two days, and one day I decided to participate in the "Stonehenge Half Day Tour by Bus" that I could book in Japanese before going to England. Did.

I received an email from the tour company about the "Tour Overview" written in Japanese before departure, but first of all, even if I went to the meeting place, there were too many buses, so the place to board our bus was clear. I didn't do it, and there was no staff to guide me, so I was really impatient that I might miss the bus early in the morning.


The guide in the car is also a British driver, and I can't hear it in fast English. Since it's on the bus, the translator I asked for doesn't pick up the sound either. When I arrived in Stonehenge, the tour outline in advance stated that the driver would hand over an audio guide explaining the sightseeing points, but I could not get anything, so let's ask the driver in a hurry. However, when I noticed it, I didn't see it. I went to the information center and asked about it, but I couldn't use the translator again because the radio wave condition was bad, and the staff at the center was in a hurry so I couldn't explain well (because it was so crowded that I was busy). It seemed frustrating, and I finally found out that I was asked for the tour number, and even though I showed the reservation form, it ended with the word "NO! ". In other words, unlike the outline in advance, it seems that the audio guide was not attached to the tour ... By the time I understood so far, the person who came by the same tour bus was no longer moving.

The shuttle bus from the information center to Stonehenge was very crowded on the way back and forth, and I was just wondering if I could meet the return bus, so I couldn't see the important Stonehenge slowly, and it ended with a slapstick. I got the impression.

Tower bridge and Rie and Yui with brushe

The Tower Bridge wasn't scheduled, but the weather was so nice that I got off the train. I'm glad that the feeling of "London" was amazing!

At the request of my daughter, I went to Baker Street, the sanctuary of "Sherlock Holmes" by Detective Conan. I was surprised at the tremendous procession!

Holmes - m.jpg

Q) Please tell us your other impressions.


At the time of the meeting with Mr. First Try, I was told, "There are days when there is no guide for the last two days, so please try to speak English as much as possible before departure." But there is a translator. I wasn't prepared at all, and I regretted it very much (for two days without the guide), and at the same time, I was able to immerse myself in sightseeing without worrying about words while I was accompanied by the guide. I really appreciate it.


After that, I was afraid of the language barrier, and I couldn't eat at restaurants, so I ended up taking out supermarkets and fast food, which was a very disappointing memory. The fact that it is written in the guidebook is also a little helpful, but even if you only have one map, you can only know the approximate location, so if you want to take out anyway, look for a deli shop that was in the guidebook. I saw it, but I couldn't reach it after all.


I was supposed to be sent to the airport on the last day, so it was really helpful to have me pick me up at my hotel in London, and after the transfer to the airport, I was accompanied by tax exemption procedures and check-in. After check-in, I managed to do my best and drank Guinness beer that I couldn't drink outside, and I was able to return to Japan.


Also, I would like to take care of me when I travel to England. Thank you for that section.

RN 's 8 nights 9 days trip to England schedule

Breakdown of local staff costs

Pre-arrangement before going to England, arrangement of train and hotel reservations, meeting expenses such as Skype (working time is about 10 hours, free of charge)


Additional charge for 2 participants (free: same charge for up to 5 people)


Sightseeing spot guidance fee for the day 5 days: £ 200 per day *** (Summer limited up to 11 hours per day that you can enjoy the night view slowly): * ** Discount price for use for 5 days or more Is adapted

*** Items included in the price:

1) Staff's transportation expenses in London

2) 20% consumption tax

*** Not included in the price:

1) If the staff needs to accompany you from 9 pm to 9 am for sightseeing from early morning or for transportation to the hotel after watching the musical, local accommodation expenses or actual transportation expenses for the staff

2) Food expenses for staff when they wish to accompany staff to restaurants, etc.

3) Admission fee for staff when admission fee is required

Heathrow Airport Transfer 2 times: 1 time £ 100 *** (Same price for up to 5 people. Applicable between London and Heathrow Airport)

* ** Discounted price is applied for use for 5 days or more

*** Costs included in the price:

1) Staff's transportation expenses in London (except when traveling by limited express train)

2) Pick-up and drop-off to your desired location in the hotel or London

3) Support for moving luggage

4) Shopping support for groceries on the first day

5) Tax exemption procedure support when returning to Japan

6) 20% consumption tax

*** Costs not included in the price:

1) Participants' transportation expenses to London or the airport

2) If the boarding machine is significantly delayed (90 minutes or more from the scheduled time), staff expenses will be borne by it.

Note: However, airport transfer will not occur if the staff is already accompanied on the day of transfer.

3 days of homestay: £ 100 per night *** (Lester only. Same room for 2 people. If you want a separate room, it will be £ 80 per person. If you want a separate room, can you stay in the same homestay? We cannot guarantee it.)

*** Costs included in the price:

1) Transfer fee between Leicester Station and homestay on arrival and departure dates

2) Advance arrangement with homestay

3) Support for moving luggage

4) Interpretation for clerical talks with the homestay

5) Procedures and expenses when there is a request to change the homestay destination

6) Breakfast and dinner (only when eating at homestay)

7) 20% consumption tax

*** Costs not included in the price:

1) Arrangements such as day trips

2) Transportation expenses from the homestay (host families do not pick up and drop off. Please use public transportation such as buses)

3) Insurance (preliminary conditions for overseas travel insurance) such as damage to homestay equipment and damage to the house (eg, water leaks from the ceiling due to the hot water in the bath overflowing the floor) Please check with)


​ Conversion rate when using our company: 1 pound = 135 yen (August 2019)

This cost will vary greatly depending on what you apply for. Please refer to it as an example. Please contact us for a quote here.

​Day 1 Arrive at Heathrow Airport

8 pm Arrive at London Heathrow Airport. Our staff will meet you at the airport arrival gate. Then pick up and drop off at your accommodation

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

​Day 3 Sightseeing in London

Sightseeing in London. After breakfast, the staff will meet you at the hotel. Sightseeing in and around St. Paul's Cathedral, visiting the Greenwich Observatory and Cutty Sark, then slowly shopping for souvenirs at Harrods. Transfer to the hotel after dinner.

Greenwich - m.jpg

​Day 2 Sightseeing in London

Sightseeing in London. After breakfast, the staff will meet you at the hotel. While guiding you how to get on the subway, tour the tourist attractions that you requested. On this day, we will show you the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Buckingham Palace (inside tour), shops where you can buy Japanese food in London, National Gallery, etc.


​Day 4 Local city sightseeing

Homestay experience (2 nights 3 days). Sightseeing with your host family in the city center, cooking together and experiencing afternoon tea in the garden.

Afternoon Tea

​Day 5 Sightseeing in the Cotswolds

​We will show you "Bourton on the Water", which is called the water city of the Cotswolds, and "Stratford-upon-Avon", the city of Shakespeare, which is also located in the Cotswolds.

The Nutcracker Christmas Shop.jpg

​Day 7 Sightseeing in London

Stay in London. Since the staff did not accompany us, we visited the British Museum, Westminster, etc. individually.

British Museum m.jpg

​Day 6 Oxford Sightseeing

Visit the school city where Oxford University, which boasts the number one university ranking in the world, is located. Because Harry Potter's movie shooting spots are scattered, there are long lines here and there for the pilgrimage tour of Harry Potter fans visiting from all over the world.


​Day 8 Sightseeing in London

Stay in London. Since the staff did not accompany me, I applied for and participated in the Stonehenge tour individually.

stonehenge 2_edited.jpg

​Day 9 London Sightseeing & Return

There was no guide in the morning, so you can go sightseeing freely. Afternoon guides will meet and guide you to Heathrow Airport. We will explain the tax exemption procedure and guide you to the departure gate.

Thank you for your hard work!


*** First try is different here!


   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you locally, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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