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Short-term study abroad individual lesson type

​ This plan is recommended for those who are "worried about whether they can keep up with English classes ..." or who want to take lessons at their own pace. All English lessons are private lessons. One lesson is usually 90 minutes to 2 hours (Note) and can be freely organized. Individuals or groups of up to 5-6 people are fine.

The individual lesson type can be applied in various ways, for example ...


Example 1) If you want to improve the English composition given in a test or class, send the English composition to the teacher in advance as homework, and in the next lesson, the teacher will correct it in front of you and give individual guidance on how to improve. Pinpoint advice on which grammar is weak is a shortcut to improving.

Example 2) Making sweets with your teacher, cooking, enjoying shopping, taking a day trip, etc .... Communicating naturally with your friends through friendly conversations. Lessons to learn.

Example 3) For those who want to improve their presentation ability in Business English, a lesson to create materials with PowerPoint with a teacher and learn the skills to present them.

Example 4) "Repair-type lesson" where you give us the textbooks that are always used and the parts you want to extend (conversation, pronunciation, English composition, etc.) in advance, and focus on those points.

First of all, we will listen to the customer's request and propose what kind of plan is possible. Please contact us by clicking the "Click here for consultation" button below.

​ *** Note: It is said that the lesson time that you can feel some improvement is at least 15 hours a week.

*** First try is different here!

Private lesson instructors are English-speaking English teachers, and we carefully select only experienced and cheerful teachers who have been teaching international students for many years at an English school attached to a university in the United Kingdom.

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