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Participate as a parent and child!

Existing program participation type

This plan is a format to enroll in an existing language course, whereas the individual lesson type is basically a private lesson. Generally, you can transfer to a class every Monday, so choose one of the various courses first. Depending on the time of year, some classes are OK even for beginners. Rest assured!

There is no age limit for children over 17 years old. Classification is based on the results of a simple English test conducted upon admission. We can tell the school a little about requests such as "parents and children should have the same class", but we may not be able to meet your request depending on the test results. Please understand.

Accommodation will be in the school dormitory or homestay.


Unlike private lessons, not everything may be what you want, but the biggest attraction is that study costs are cheaper than private lessons, and above all, you can make friends of other nationalities. case! After the lesson, join the activities included in the program with your classmates and take a day trip together on weekends. Some people go straight to the pub at night and try new phrases they learned in the morning with their friends. It is possible that we invite parents and children who have become common friends to treat us with Japanese food.


This plan is perfect for those who are sociable and have little resistance to communicating, and those who want to improve their English by "hunting down" themselves a little. Courses are usually half-day English lessons, half-day optional lessons or activities. You can usually enroll on a weekly basis, but some language schools require you to attend for at least two weeks.

​ First of all, we will listen to the customer's request and propose what kind of plan is possible. Please contact us from the "Click here for consultation" button below.

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*** First try is different here!

I often hear the story, "I went to England, but there were only Japanese and Asian students ...". If possible, I think it is natural that international students from various countries would like to experience the culture and English accents of each country.

First Try chooses courses that have the most opportunities to speak English as much as possible. If you combine this with a homestay, a 24-hour English-immersed environment is not a dream.

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