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Near the station. Near the university. Near the park.
Get up early and take a walk in your daily routine ...

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1 minute walk from the university!
Student dormitory with excellent facilities and location

Opal Court 

"Comfort in accommodation" is unexpectedly important as one of the conditions that determine the quality of study abroad. In particular, the dormitory is a communal living with many students of other nationalities, so although it has the great advantage of being able to experience differences in different cultures, sometimes it can be plagued by differences in culture and customs.

Opal Court , the dormitory used in the summer program, was one of the newest dormitories at the University of Leicester, but just completed another major renovation three years ago. The rooms, water areas, and of course the common areas are comfortable to live in, making it a popular student dormitory for students. Also,
during the summer course, students at the University of Leicester basically return home during the summer vacation, so the student dormitory is almost reserved for program participants only! The common space is also monopolized and can be used extensively, and coin laundry is not lined up.

Let's take a closer look at the facility!


It's convenient to go anywhere!

For participants coming to Leicester The most common public transport is trains or long- distance buses (coaches) . Leicester station is a few minutes walk from Opal Court , and many international students arriving during the day are walking with their suitcases from the station. The long-distance bus terminal is located in theCity Center , and it is about a 5-minute walk from the dormitory to this area called the City Center . 10 minutes to a large shopping mall . It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the long-distance bus terminal, so I'm glad that the first facility you need when you arrive at Leicester is within walking distance.


Also, the large supermarket is about a 10-minute walk away, so it feels like "I was at the supermarket when I was walking while chatting with my friends ...".

If you're hungry but there's nothing in the fridge that you can eat right away ... don't worry! Subway is open on the first floor of the dormitory. There is also an ATM on the first floor of the dormitory,which is indispensable for international students,so you do n't have to carry a large amount of cash with you, so you can rest assured!

Every time I hear the story "I had a double-decker bus running in Leicester, but I didn't have a chance to get on it at all!", Life in Leicester seems to be centered around walking! It's very safe during the day, so it's perfectly okay for a woman to walk around alone. However, it is recommended that you avoid walking after dark and take a taxi or act as a group, even at short distances. It is a really safe local city if you keep in mind common sense behavior.


 Opal Court is surprisingly green because it is located between "Victoria Park" adjacent to the University of Leicester and "Nelson Mandela Park" on the other side of the main street leading from Leicester Station.Opal Court is a 1-minute walk to the University of Leicester School of Medicine . The main campus, where the library, restaurants, cafes and convenience stores are located, is just a 3-minute walk away , so it's okay to oversleep a little in the morning! Some people bring their lunches to the university to reduce the cost of food, and some people go back to the dormitory to prepare their own meals during the one-hour lunch break. In the UK, where eating out is expensive, the point is that there is an option to eat in the room, so many students save money in these areas and use that amount for travel. By the way, there is Starbucks in the medical school building, so Starbucks is also a 1-minute walk away!


Victoria Park, where theWar Memorial is located, is a 2-minute walk, so it's unique to Europe, "It's bright from 5 o'clock in the morning, and it's still bright at 10 pm at night! It is also recommended to take advantage of this and enjoy jogging and walking slowly in the early morning. It's really refreshing because the temperature in the summer in England rarely rises above 25 ° C! Also, because the air is dry, there is no moist heat like in Japan, and there are almost no mosquitoes unless you go to the mountains. The climate is perfect for a walk, so be sure to take a walk while admiring the lovely appearance of the wild squirrels in the park.

Click the link below for a detailed map of the area around the dormitory!

Opal Court Address: 

60 Lancaster Road, Leicester,  LE1 7HA, UK

* The reception is staffed 24 hours a day, so if you have a problem such as something wrong with your room, you can respond promptly. In addition, it is very convenient because you can also take care of shopping online. However, since it is not a concierge, we cannot provide services such as booking taxis and tickets, or requesting mail to be sent.



It's convenient to go anywhere!


Wake up in the sun ... The bright private room is calm after all

western challange room.mp4.jpg

The average size of the room is11㎡ . It is a compact private room with a toilet and shower. Furniture includes desks, drawers, chests of drawers and beds. Bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, and toilet paper will be distributed when you move in, but the towels are a little thin and small, so if you like fluffy large towels, it is better to bring them from Japan if you have enough suitcases. It may be good. Of course you can buy it locally, but I think it would be convenient to have a favorite towel that you can use immediately after taking a shower after a long trip.

Another useful thing is slippers (or something like sandals). Previous residents may have lived on foot, so it is still more hygienic to have slippers. Also, depending on the room, there may or may not be hangers, so if you have some simple hangers, it will come in handy. (It can also be purchased at local supermarkets). There is no trash can in the room, and the trash is thrown away in the kitchen, so having a few things like supermarket bags will help you clean your room for the first few days.

For other useful information, please see the page below or feel free to contact our local Japanese staff at any time.


Bring home-cooked food from each country ... Party with friends today!

westernchallange kitchen.jpg

OneCorridor (corridor, usually meaning "corridor", in this case a collection of several private rooms) has 4 to 6 private rooms, one kitchen for several residents. It is a style to share.


The kitchen has a large oven, stove, microwave, kettle, kitchen knife, cutting board, multiple frying pans and pots, frying pans, ladles, large wood spoons, cups, plates, deep balls for soup, knives and spoons.・ There are also forks, so you can cook your own meals from the day you start living. There is basically no rice cooker, so it may be better to boil the rice in a pot (?), Or if you are particular about it, bring a pack from Japan. There are shelves and refrigerators assigned to each, so you can store your own seasonings, bread, corn flakes, etc.


  There are also spacious sofas and tables in the kitchen, which is useful for parties with corridormates (students living together in the corridor) and classmates.

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