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Welcome to England!

I will tell you how to get from the airport in England to the city of Leicester!

​Please select your airport and transportation from the following


 From Birmingham Airport to Leicester

From Birmingham Airport, take the Air Rail Link monorail toBirmingham International Station (about 2 minutes). Transfer to the train from there. Air Rail Link is free.


To purchase a train ticket , select "Leicester" from "Birmingham International Station " as shown in the example on the right . Click here for details on how to make a reservation.

How to buy a train ticket


For weekend trips, all tickets are open tickets (tickets that allow you to board the train at any time) and are priced at £ 15.90 one way, so even if you arrive a little late, the train is still running at 10 pm You can rest assured that you will not have to buy a new ticket.

However, toget to Leicester, change fromBirmingham International Station toBirmingham New Street Station and then toLeicester .This move can be difficult if you have large luggage as you need to go to.

Also, depending on the time of day and day, maintenance work is concentrated on weekends, so you may have to change trains twice (see below).

BHX to Lei.JPG
BHX to Lei 2.JPG


If the price is high and there is a transfer, it is a train movement that is often avoided, but it also has a big advantage.

1) As for taxis at Leicester Station, only black cab drivers (black-painted taxis) who have passed the strict taxi qualification test are allowed to wait for customers, so they arrive at Leicester after dark and use taxis. It is safe to do so.


2) If you want to walk to your accommodation, there are many places that are easier to access from the station. Also, depending on the hotel, it is convenient because it is a 1-minute walk from the station.

3) Since the number of long-distance buses is limited, you may have to wait for a long time, but there is usually one train every 30 minutes, so if you wait for a bus for 2 hours, it will be a train in terms of time. It is often faster to get on.

If used wisely, a train without traffic may be more convenient. Please use according to the plan.



 From Heathrow Airport to Leicester

The following two patterns are the main routes for traveling by train from Heathrow Airport to Leicester.



1) From Heathrow Airport, take the Piccadilly subway line to Kings Cross & St Pancras Station.

(Time required about 60 minutes)

2) Take the train from St Pancras Station to Leicester Station. (Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to Leicester Railway Station)

Compared to traveling by car, there are many people who travel at airports and train stations, and if you have large luggage, you may find it difficult to walk in the crowd if you are not accustomed to it. It is also true that trains are often shunned because they are not a cheaper means of transportation than buses. However, depending on the time of day, traveling by train may save you a lot of time compared to using a long-distance bus, and since you will arrive at Leicester Station, where taxis are easily available, there is no option to use the train. is not. In addition, there are about 3 trains per hour from St Pancras Station to Leicester Station .

To buy a train ticket, select St Pancras InternationalStation and Leicester. Click here for details on how to make a reservation.

How to buy a train ticket

Please consider according to your own plan.  

LHR express ticket machine - m.jpg


1) Heathrow from Heathrow Airport  Take the limited express train called Express to Paddington Station (tickets can be purchased at the vending machine installed at the airport arrival lobby) (time required: about 20 minutes)

2) From Paddington Station, change to the subway (Circle Line or Hammersmith & City Line) and go to Kings Cross & St Pancras Station (two stations are connected by an underground passage). (Time required about 20 minutes)

3) Take the train from St Pancras Station to Leicester Station. (Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to Leicester Railway Station)


 Take a taxi to Leicester

As a general rule, when using a taxi from the airport, you should only use a taxi booked in advance .


By making a reservation in advance, you can avoid the risk of using an illegal taxi such as "White Taku", and you can negotiate the price in advance, so you will not be in a hurry even if you pay in cash on the day.


The following taxi companies are used by many companies due to their high reliability. It's a great relief to know the exact time, the driver will send you a message the day before, and you'll know which taxi driver will pick you up.


However, there are some points to be aware of when communicating individually from Japan.


1) When the driver arrives near the airport (so that the client does not bear the parking fee as much as possible), the system waits for a call from the client in a free parking lot a little away. Therefore, if you do not have a phone number available for contact in the UK at the time of booking, park your taxi at the airport parking lot at the scheduled flight arrival time and have the driver wait at the airport (immigration). If you are late, you will be charged a reasonable parking fee), or contact the driver when you arrive at the arrival gate (call the driver immediately upon arrival in the UK) You must select (only if you can be contacted). If that is not possible, you will need to contact us through a third party.

** LINE is rarely used in the UK. You can only contact us by sending a message from the driver's phone number.


2) Tipping is not included in the negotiated price, but about 10% tip is required.


3) Please pay in cash so that there is no change (small amount will be given as a tip. Cards cannot be used)


4) You will need to email your name, mobile number (available in the UK), airport of arrival, flight number and time of arrival . The taxi company also monitors the arrival time, so even if the arrival is delayed by about 2 hours, it will respond. However, if you are late for more than an hour when you depart from Japan, you will need to contact us by email from the airport in Japan to reconfirm your reservation and see if delivery is possible even if you are late . If you do not do this, if the taxi cannot be delivered, you will not be picked up and you may be charged a cancellation fee.

5) As it is a very popular taxi company, it is recommended to make a reservation as soon as the flight is decided (especially if the early morning transfer is just before, it may be full of reservations).

If there is no problem with the above conditions, you can make a reservation from this site.

Airport Taxis Narborough

** Please note: The above information is current as of December 2019, so it is expected that there will be changes and revisions when booking your ticket. We are not responsible for any problems, purchase of wrong tickets, refunds, etc. using the above information, so please use the information as a reference and make a reservation at your own risk.

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