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I'm thinking of getting a job in the UK

English exam program for medical professionals

For those who want to work in the UK medical field, the Occupational English Test , a language proficiency test for those who are involved in the medical field in addition to the qualifications acquired in Japan You need to pass(commonly known as OET) . This is an English qualification test for foreign medical personnel who have already passed the national examination to find employment locally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.  is.





A four-week intensive training program to pass this test is being held at the OET Official Test Center in the United Kingdom. At the end of the course, an OET test will be held at the language school.


Taking lessons at the language school, which is the official test center for the qualification exam, is a great advantage, but in addition, the language school is closely related to the local hospital, so when you pass the test, There is also the advantage that the school can recommend you directly to the hospital.

4 weeks is the shortest course, but if you are not confident you do not need to take the test and you can repeat the same course every 4 weeks until you feel confident.

● Date and time: 4 weeks (held 14 times a year according to the test day. Please let us know the date and time that is convenient for you. We will inform you of the possible dates)

● Tuition fee: £ 2200 + test tuition fee £ 400 (only when taking the test)

● Included in tuition: 24 hours a week medical English and OET test specialized lessons, 4 weeks homestay fee and 4 weeks bus pass available in the city, travel insurance during the program, professional guide Local walking tours and museum tours, hospital visits, half-day trips to the Manor House, afternoon tea, end-of-course party fees

● Items not included in the tuition fee: Air ticket, overseas travel insurance (please be sure to subscribe before traveling to the UK), airport transfer within the UK (transfer arrangement can be set at an extra charge)

*** £ 1 is currently around 135 yen. (September 2019)

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