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English proficiency test for employment in the UK

Do you know theOET test?

The OET test is an abbreviation for Occupational English Test , and is a medical English test that is currently receiving a lot of attention in the United Kingdom as the number of examinees has increased over the past few years.

NHS (National Health Service) is a state-owned medical service business in the United Kingdom, and when medical professionals such as foreign doctors and nurses register in the United Kingdom, it is a test that proves English proficiency separately from medical technology. You need to receive.

  The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test, which was the main option until a while ago, asks questions from fields not related to medical care, so it is completely separate from learning medical English, politics / economics, business, and engineering. I was forced to study a wide range of subjects, including academic English.

In comparison,OET 's test content is specialized in the medical field, and in addition to the questions being asked from situations that medical professionals are familiar with, passing this test is immediately noticeable at English-speaking medical institutions. In recent years, hospitals in the United Kingdom have been actively adopting it because it can prove that they have acquired practical medical skills and English proficiency that can work as a force.

OET is also a field-specific test for doctors, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, pharmacists, veterinarians, radiologists, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, dormitory speech therapists, and foot therapists. Unlike a few years ago, when nurses took the same tests as doctors, it is also attractive to be able to make the most of each skill in the test.

In addition, even if you do not find a job in the English-speaking world, you can efficiently acquire English skills that you can actually utilize in the field, which is one of the reasons whyOET has grown.

The countries currently accepting thisOET as an English employment exam for medical institutions are the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Ukraine, Dubai and Namibia, and as the number continues to increase, employment options after acquiringOET will be available. It is expected to increase in the future. (As of May 2019)

Listening (about 50 minutes)

While listening to the interview between the medical staff and the patient for about 40 minutes, answer the questions that will be asked after that. You can take notes while listening to the voice, and answer while looking at the notes. (Problems common to each specialized field)

Reading (1 hour)

Read short medical texts, fill in worm-eaten texts, and complete the text. Also, after calling a long medical description, answer the question. (Problems common to each specialized field)

Writing (45 minutes)

Problems by specialty The problem of writing letters such as referral letters, transfer notices, discharge procedures, and advice to patients and caregivers. Depending on the field, I may write an answer to the complaint.

Speaking (about 20 minutes)

Specialized issues Two role-plays are performed. It takes 3 minutes to read the symptoms written on the handed card, and 5 minutes according to the information. Appropriate response is required based on specialized knowledge according to the person who plays the role of the patient / patient's family.

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