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Now is the time for foreigners to become medical professionals in the UK

The reason why it is said to be the greatest chance to play an active role

The UK National Health Service NHS is currently in a very serious shortage of medical professionals. The main reason for this is that in addition to the fact that British students are away from science and medicine, Brexit has caused medical professionals from Europe to be worried about the future, and the current situation is that they are refraining from seeking employment in the UK. It has been.


Along with this, the British government has drastically reviewed the registration method for foreign medical workers in the last few years, and the English proficiency test, which has become a bigger shackle, has adopted a test closer to medical professionals, and foreigners are working. We are focusing on creating an easy environment. In addition, the hospital side also actively supports the language school that manages the OET test course, and for students preparing for the test at a specific excellent language school, offer the sponsorship role in the Oskey at an early stage. The environment is beginning to be set up so that students can concentrate on the English proficiency test with peace of mind.


Passing the OET test is not an easy task, but we support those who are engaged in medical care in the UK, which has established the world's top medical system, and who are willing to aim for higher levels in the future. (The following are the major changes in recent years regarding employment of foreign medical personnel)

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