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Supporting study abroad beginners

Detailed local support!

"I want to study abroad even on a low budget" "I want to study abroad but I can't take a rest for 3 or 4 weeks" "I don't have time off for the existing course schedule" "I want to participate in the course but I'm not confident in my English ability" "Study abroad in earnest" I want to go to England to test my strength with a trial before doing it. "

This is a course to make it easier for you to experience a language study abroad with a high threshold. Because it is a short period of time, we will carefully work together to create a high-density program while asking for your wishes.

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Many parents think, "If my child is going to study abroad, I too ...", but it seems that it is often impossible to participate in a school-sponsored study abroad program together. Then how about studying abroad together with your child?

Study hard in the morning class, and enjoy shopping and excursions together in the afternoon ...

Please enjoy the precious relaxing time without water that you can not taste in Japan.

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"Speaking of England ..." The image of England will vary from person to person.


Museum tours, antique market tours, afternoon tea and pub ladders. Look for bargains at outlets, watch authentic sports, horse racing, bespoke world-renowned top-notch products, or pilgrimage to Harry Potter's filming locations. It's fun to travel together with three generations of parents and children.

Those who say, "I will do what I want to do in England!" I support you!

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Those who are thinking of studying abroad on the piano in the future, those who want to take a competition to test their skills at the home of music, those who want to experience piano lessons in English at home ...

Until now, there was a wall of English, so even if you are reluctant to do so, local Japanese staff with deep experience in this field will be available for competitions, lesson reservations, paperwork, lesson room arrangements, concert reservations, and staying. We will take care of your daily life. It is also possible for children to travel to the UK alone.

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Business English, Engineering English, Art ... There are English courses divided into specialized fields. From those who are thinking of studying abroad at a university or graduate school in the UK in the future, those who want to consider the possibility of finding employment overseas, those who are preparing for overseas training, what does it mean to work overseas? Those who want to experience ...


Since it is a specialized field, if you have knowledge in Japanese, you can understand even the most difficult English, so you can expect surprising growth.

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Men in a Meeting

After a long and cold winter, summer time begins in Europe, and we enjoy the warm spring that we have been waiting for, "even at 8 pm, the sun is still high." Under such circumstances, the English people still feel the arrival of spring when they see the cherry blossoms.

It is also during this time that when you get on the train, the world of "one side of rape blossoms" comes into your eyes. The contrast between the golden rape field that extends beyond the horizon and the fresh green meadows in the clear blue sky is as beautiful as a painting and soothes the hearts of travelers. Enjoy the wonderful spring of Europe.

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