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​Short-term study abroad for parents and children

"Is it okay to go abroad for the first time alone?" "I also wanted to study abroad when I was young." "I want to go abroad with my children, but there is no study abroad where parents can participate (I'm sure children will hate it) ..."


No, no problem at all! You can see your progress in English visibly. Would you like to see your child's growth in the UK immediately after arriving in the UK and just before returning to Japan?

Parents can take the same private lessons as their children, or children can take specialized English classes such as "Business English", parents can go sightseeing with a guide, or take private English lessons. You can enjoy England to the fullest.

Parent-child participation programs that are unlikely to occur in other study abroad programs are unique to individual travel plans. Please experience the whole of England with your family.


Individual lesson type

A plan that allows you to freely set lesson time and sightseeing time. If you have a budget, we will create a plan within it. Recommended for those who are not confident in English, those who want to make a lot of plans as well as learning English, and those who are in small groups. If the conditions are met, only children over the age of 15 can participate without being accompanied by a guardian.


Existing program participation type

Participate in a local language school and take lessons specializing in skills you want to improve, such as business English, pronunciation, and English conversation. It is a fun program that friends of other nationalities who are participating in the same course can also do. Children over 17 years old can participate.

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From here, you can read the comments of the elementary school girl and mother who made a "personal trip with the highest priority for children to go only where they want to go".


You can also see a plan for about 10 days with children.

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