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From Business English, Engineering English to Art English

Specialized field Short-term study abroad


It is said that the key to "whether you can put yourself on the starting line where you can play an active role overseas in the future" is "whether you can communicate fluently in English". However, it will not be easy to beat the native English speakers. It is far more important to be able to develop your specialty and communicate it in English. We can play an active role overseas because we have the expertise, experience and confidence in the field that is second to none.

We will propose the one that matches each need, such as "original program creation" for university / school / company units, or "existing specialized program + homestay" for individuals.


Working on the Go

​English Teaching Method Course

This is a program for those who are English teachers in their own country to learn English teaching methods and learn English teaching methods more effectively. This teaching method is recommended not only for English teachers, but also for teachers who give lectures in English at universities.

Team Meeting

Business English Specialized Course

Vocabulary specialized in business English, presentation skills, skills to create presentation materials, body language, pronunciation ... Business English requires various skills. This is a program that makes presentations fun.​

Display of Stock Market Quotes

Custom course

We create customized programs for schools, businesses and groups.


It is also possible to send the instructor from the UK. Please contact us once.

*** First try is different here!


   At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you locally, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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