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Unique personal travel

Various plans and ideas!

Those who visit England from June to August will be surprised at the blueness of the trees, which is completely different from that of Japan, and the refreshing and comfortable feeling even on a sunny day in the shade. It doesn't sweat much and there are few mosquitoes, so many people lie down in the park and enjoy the sun. The bright sky until 9 pm in the summer seems to teach you how to spend a relaxing time, such as going for a walk, going to a pub, watching a musical, etc. from the evening when the cool breeze begins to blow.

In winter, the sun goes down at 4 pm, which is why you can enjoy "fireworks". In Japan, fireworks, which are a feature of summer, are in full bloom here in winter. Beginning with Halloween in October, Guy Fawkes Day in November,Diwali , an Indian New Year celebration, and Christmas, New Year and bustling festivals continue. Christmas events starting in late November at Christmas markets, churches and theaters will give you a glimpse of how English people know to enjoy winter with the arrival of spring.

It is the real pleasure of traveling to visit tourist attractions every day on a sightseeing trip, but the "liver" part that British people are really proud of cannot be touched in the hectic pace. When I actually lived, I started to see "Britishness" such as "The train does not come on time", "The supermarket is huge and shopping is fun", "The luxury foreign car is quite dusty ..." You may like Britain more charming and unpretentious than before.

​ Those who want to experience "everyday life" instead of traveling in the UK. Please feel free to contact us.

​ ** From here, you can read the voice of a person who made a "personal trip to go only where you want to go" with a young lady and a mother in elementary school. You can also see the plan for about 10 days. Please click the button below.


Early in the morning, I take a walk in the canals and parks in the neighborhood and buy freshly baked bread on the way home. After the meal, rent a car and enjoy the drive as you like while enjoying the countryside. If you feel like it, go to the city to chill the flea market. At night, I go out to listen to a charity concert held at a nearby church. Why don't you spend a relaxing day without being overwhelmed by time?  

Enjoy a luxurious normal life in England.

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lake district.jpg

​"I want to enjoy museums and art galleries to my heart's content," "I want to conquer all musicals in London," "I want to carefully search for treasures at auctions and antique markets," "I want to spend a relaxing time in the longed-for Lake District."


This is a leisurely stay-type trip recommended for those who want to relax and enjoy a fulfilling "my time" that cannot be experienced on a normal trip.

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Red Christmas Baubles

Seasonal plan

 It is a plan to enjoy Christmas in England. Christmas is also the time for bargain sales. Walk through the brilliantly illuminated shopping malls and boulevards, and the Christmas melody echoes from all over the city.

If you go to big and small Christmas concerts that are held almost every day, you will feel the true sacred Christmas that is far from the noise.

Please enjoy the authentic Christmas.


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