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University of Leicester, UK
Medical English Summer Program
August 8th (Monday) -August 26th (Friday), 2022
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Program contents

The International Summer Program for Medical English, supervised by the University of Leicester, celebrates its 17th year in 2022 and is the longest-held medical English program in the UK with more than 500 medical students from all over the world to date. is.
This program usually includes two day trips in three weeks, hospitals,GPs (family doctors), hospice tours, welcome dinners, farewell dinners, and more, as well as academic activities. It's a very fulfilling program. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to judge the status of new corona infections around the world in the summer at this point, so there are some undecided parts regarding hospital-related tours, but other classes, social activities, and day trips. Will be held in Leicester, England, as it was originally.
The lessons are small, with a maximum of 16 students per class. The basic style is two 90-minute lessons in the morning (with a 30-minute break in the middle) and two 60-minute lessons in the afternoon. It will be held for 5 days and 3 weeks on weekdays from Monday to Friday. Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) are free, so take advantage of global tourist destinations such as London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Cotswolds, and the Lake District, and take advantage of the location to travel to Paris on the international train Eurostar or from your local Birmingham Airport to Amsterdam. It is also possible to do.
There are three main types of lessons.
1. 1. Lessons for presentation skills
The presentation will be based on medical topics of interest (eg hepatitis B, diabetes) selected within a group of 2 or 3 people. (For details, please see " Presentation ".) After each presentation, questions will pop up from classmates, teachers, and customers who come to see the presentation, but how to respond to them is also a presentation class. It is included in the contents of. Asking and asking yourself questions is great for training overseas conferences and conferences in English that you may attend in the future. After the final presentation, you will receive feedback from your instructor.
2. 2. Medical role play
We will hold a "medical role-play" lesson, which is especially popular with participants. This medical interview is based on the style used in the OSCE ** , so those who have already taken theOSCE class should review it based on that knowledge. If you haven't taken it yet, you can take a medical interview lesson according to your level as a preparation for future classes.
After the lesson is given by a medical English program specialist, you will actually have a medical interview with a simulated patient (a professional actor who is actually in charge of simulated patients at the University of Leicester School of Medicine). The medical interview will be graded by the instructor in charge and will be given as feedback after the program ends.
* Since the OSCE was proposed in the United Kingdom in1975 , it has been popular mainly in Europe and North America as an excellent method for objectively evaluating clinical ability. Currently, it has been introduced in dozens of countries around the world, including Japan.
3. 3. lecture
You can participate in lectures by professors at the University of Leicester School of Medicine, doctors and nurses at the University of Leicester Hospital, and active medical students at the University of Leicester. The content is selected from the following according to the specialty of the participants.
  • Genetics

  • Perspectives from a general practitioner (GP)

  • Perspectives from an emergency doctor

  • Perspectives from a hospice

  • Palliative care

  • Introduction to the National Health Service (history, structure, challenges, future)

  • Midwifery

  • Physiotherapy

  • Molecular and cell biology (developments in diabetes research)

  • International medical education approaches

Upon successful completion of the three-week program, the University of Leicester will award an official certificate of completion . However, please note that you must attend at least 85% of all classes regarding the issuance of a certificate .

Program participation conditions

  • Those over 18 years old at the start of the program

  • Those who belong to the medical school or medical faculty / department. Or if you are a healthcare professional.

  • Regarding medical interview lessons, it is structured so that even those who have not yet taken theOSCE can fully follow the lessons. In addition, when we are divided into groups and practice medical interviews with each other, we will divide them into groups so that they will work withOSCE experienced people as much as possible, so it is possible to hear various advice within the group.

  • The English proficiency required for participation from the University of Leicester is Level 2 or higher, but you do not need to submit a certificate of Eiken or equivalent English proficiency at the time of application.




What is the level of the lesson?

It is a state of the class when it was held online. I think it will be helpful if you want to check the speed at which the teacher speaks and the difficulty of the content of the lesson. He speaks very slowly (although the speed will increase in the latter half of the program), so it is very easy to understand and you can see that it is not difficult to follow the class. You can see it from here .


Is the medical interview class difficult?

I often hear worried voices saying, "I haven't taken theOSCE class yet, can I keep up with the medical interview class?" The answer is "no problem at all!" In the past, many first-year students and members of the nursing department have participated, but there is no feedback that "the class was hard and I didn't understand." It is said that the teacher will explain the contents of the medical interview carefully from the beginning, but in reality, the medical interview is only the situation that you actually see in the medical field. So, I think it's interesting to discover the natural English phrase, "Oh, I'm using this kind of English at this time."

When testing with actual simulated patients, the instructor scores for feedback on the camera side. If the simulated patient feels that the participants are stagnant or do not understand the meaning clearly, you can see that the patient is gesturing to help the conversation.
You can see the test scene here . Although it takes about 2 minutes here, the medical interview test actually takes about 5 minutes.

Actual situation at the presentation venue

​You can see the actualpresentation at the end of the program here .

Many guests, classmates, and lecturers gather at the venue to ask questions to the presenter. English, which was difficult to come up at the beginning of the program, will come out naturally after 3 weeks. Experience a surprisingly improved English proficiency with the 3-week program.


Program promotion video

This is a promotional video produced by the University of Leicester. You can see the classrooms, social events, and instructors of the medical school that you actually use.

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