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Online medical English

Summer program


Program contents

 The "Medical English International Summer Program (held in August every year)" and "Medical English Spring Program (held in March every year)", which are held every year at the University of Leicester, celebrated their 16th year in 2021 and have been held all over the world to date. It is the longest medical English program in the UK with more than 500 medical students from.
The Medical English Summer Program usually includes two day trips in three weeks, hospital and hospice tours, welcome dinners and farewell dinners, but exclude those events and others. Classes and social activities will be compiled and held online as original as possible.
The lessons use Windows Team and Zoom , and a small group of up to 16 students per class. Due to the time difference between Japan and the United Kingdom, it will start at 3:30 pm and end around 7:00 pm (Japan time). 90 minutes lesson for 2 3 hours (30 minutes break on the way). It will be held for 5 days and 3 weeks on weekdays from Monday to Friday.
You can see the currently scheduled timetable from the following.
The contents are roughly divided into three.
1. 1. Lessons for presentation skills
You will be asked to make a presentation based on medical topics selected by individuals / groups usingPowerPoint or the like. After the presentation, questions will pop up from classmates and teachers, but how to answer them is also included in the content. Asking and asking yourself questions is great for training overseas conferences and conferences in English that you may attend in the future. After the final presentation, you will receive written feedback from your instructor.
2. 2. Medical role play
Every time , we will give a lesson of "Medical Role Play" which is especially popular with participants. This "Medical Role Play" is based on medical interviews in the OSCE ** , so those who have already taken theOSCE will be based on that knowledge, and those who have not yet taken the exam will be able to take the exam in the future. As a preparation, you can take medical interview lessons according to each level.
* Since the OSCE was proposed in the United Kingdom in1975 , it has been popular mainly in Europe and North America as an excellent method for objectively evaluating clinical ability. Currently, it has been introduced in dozens of countries around the world, including Japan.
After the lesson is given by a medical English program specialist, you will actually have a medical interview with a simulated patient (a professional actor who is actually in charge of simulated patients at the University of Leicester School of Medicine). The medical interview will be graded by the instructor in charge and will be sent as feedback by attaching it to an email after the program ends.
3. 3. lecture
You can participate in lectures by professors at the University of Leicester School of Medicine and doctors and nurses at the University of Leicester Hospital. The content is selected from the following according to the specialty of the participants.
  • Genetics

  • Perspectives from a general practitioner (GP)

  • Perspectives from an emergency doctor

  • Perspectives from a hospice

  • Palliative care

  • Introduction to the National Health Service (history, structure, challenges, future)

  • Midwifery

  • Physiotherapy

  • Molecular and cell biology (developments in diabetes research)

  • International medical education approaches

Upon successful completion of the program, the University of Leicester will award an official certificate of completion . In addition, all lessons will be recorded, so you can see the lesson contents at a later date even if you cannot participate due to internet connection or poor physical condition.
* The certificate of completion will be sent by attaching it to an email. At least 85% of classes must be attended in order to receive a certificate of completion .
* Recording is possible only if all participants agree to record the lesson.
* After the program ends, all recorded data will be deleted.
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University of Leicester, UK

Online Medical English Summer Program

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Program participation conditions

  • Those who belong to the medical school or medical faculty / department. Or if you are a healthcare professional.
  • The program focuses on theOSCE medical interview, but it is structured so that even those who have not yet taken theOSCE can follow the lessons. If you can check only the flow of "medical interview" in advance, I think that you can start the lesson more easily. In addition, when we are divided into groups and practice medical interviews with each other, we will divide them into groups so that they will work withOSCE experienced people as much as possible, so it is possible to hear various advice within the group.
  • The English proficiency required for participation from the University of Leicester is Level 2 or higher, but you do not need to submit a certificate of Eiken or equivalent English proficiency at the time of application.
  • At least 85% of classes must be attended in order to receive a certificate of completion from the University of Leicester. However, if you cannot attend the class due to unavoidable circumstances, you can see the recorded one at a later date, so you can participate in the next class with confidence.

Reference example of medical role play

You can see a demonstration of the medical interview training that was actually conducted in the field.
The instructor is scoring for feedback on the camera side. If the simulated patient feels that the participants are stagnant or do not understand the meaning clearly, you can see that the patient is gesturing to help the conversation.
This demo video takes about 2 minutes, but the actual medical interview is about 5 minutes .

Applying is easy! No fees!

First Try Co., Ltd. is an agent of the University of Leicester [official].
There are two ways to apply.
1) Apply directly to the University of Leicester : Apply here.
2) Apply through us: See details below.
Either way, the tuition fee of £ 850 ** remains the same. In addition, we will not charge any additional fees.
** When you pay the tuition fee individually, an overseas remittance fee will be charged separately. Fees vary depending on the remittance method (Paypal , bank transfer, etc.).
 When applying for the program via us
Please contact us from the followingLINE , email , or " Inquiry " here . The person in charge will contact you shortly.
 We will communicate with the University of Leicester, including questions, deposit procedures, and advice on student registration. Since it is not necessary to spend several days exchanging emails, the burden on participants can be reduced.
Since there are personal information rules for student registration, we ask participants to complete the registration procedure, but we will guide you in advance on how to apply, so you can easily enter it.
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