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Online Medical English Summer Program

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University of Leicester

Online Medical English Summer Program


Holding period: August 2nd (Monday) to August 20th (Friday), 2021

Lesson 1: 3:30 pm to 5 pm (Japan time)

Break time: 5 pm to 5:30 pm (Japan time)

Lesson 2: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm (Japan time)

Tuition: £ 850

(Approximately 129,000 yen, as of May 7, 2021)


  1. Being 18 years or older

  2. Belonging to a Japanese university medical school or a medical faculty. Or being a healthcare professional now

  3. English ability: No matter if the above conditions are met. However, English proficiency of Eiken Level 2 or higher is recommended

Application deadline: Sunday, July 18, 2021 midnight

Deadline for depositing tuition fees: Sunday, July 25, 2021 midnight

Don't you think online programs are just a "study abroad substitute"?

In fact, online English training is

It may become an indispensable part of future medical care .

"I was planning to do clinical training overseas, but I don't think I can study abroad this year, so I want to at least participate in an online program to improve my English." "The number of foreign patients is increasing even in the medical field. That's why I want to be able to communicate in English. "," I'm not confident in English now, but I want to work abroad in the future. "


I think there are many reasons why you might be interested in or want to participate in an online program. An online program that tends to be chosen as a substitute because it is difficult to study abroad in the current situation of Corona. However, many of the people who actually participated in the online program answered the questionnaire, "Even if the new corona infection is over, I would like to participate in the online program if there is an opportunity in the future."

Despite the advantages of "much cheaper" and "incorporating online program lessons into your normal life" compared to actually studying abroad, online programs are studying abroad. It is a fact that it is not as popular as.


"Study abroad" is the best way to not only improve your language skills but also to experience and learn about the culture of the country. I don't really feel the "significance of studying abroad & the best harvest" that anyone who has studied abroad experiences, such as traveling with friends while studying abroad or deepening friendships with students of other nationalities. Online programs can certainly be dull.

If you think of an online program as a substitute for studying abroad, that might be the case. However, some online programs actually have completely different purposes.

Virtual Team Meeting

University of Leicester, UK

Online Medical English Summer Program

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Will the day come when we will provide cross-border medical care online?

With the remarkable development of communication technology in recent years, and also due to the influence of this new corona infection, it has become common practice to hold classes online as well as business and university classes. The long-standing idea of "I have to meet face-to-face and talk face-to-face ..." is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

These "online" and "remote" movements were newly born as a countermeasure against the new corona infection, but in the actual operation, many merits were found in unexpected places depending on the country, and in a short period of time only with corona sickness. There are some that are being considered for continued operation in the future, even though they were thought to be in operation.


In the United Kingdom, for example, almost all family doctors and hospitals are already providing online interviews and expert consulting ** on a daily basis. There is growing demand that this service, which is highly suited to the needs of small rural towns, where medical facilities are not sufficient compared to large cities, should be continued even after the end of the infection.

Of course, Japan is no exception, and further development of such telemedicine is expected in the future. This trend in the world makes us feel that the day will come when medical care will be provided across national borders . This trend is expected to accelerate further, and in the near future, medical care across countries will be provided in English-speaking countries such as Europe and the United States, and global medical information sharing is expected to progress more rapidly than ever. It is expected that Asian countries will follow suit, and it is thought that the future of medical care in Japan will follow such a trend.

Of course, medical care rooted in the community is important, but it is necessary to support the further development of medical care in collaboration with the world, and the nation and the medical field will work together to promote human resource development for that purpose. Will be. Also, as an individual, I think it is necessary to prepare for the day that will not be far away .

** You can see the state of "online consulting" that has actually started operation in the UK from the following.

Special emphasis on the University of Leicester Medical English Program

"In the near future, I will be able to conduct consulting and joint research in my field of expertise online, regardless of country." This is what many healthcare professionals are feeling.


However, the problem here is the difficulty of talking to people who are not English teachers online.


 Skilled English teachers are good at speaking slowly, clearly pronounced and using easy-to-understand words. In comparison, for example, a patient who is sick and inactive may not be able to expect much in terms of pronouncing clearly or explaining in a loud, detailed and easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, reactions and facial expressions are often different in each culture, and reading them is only experience.


In view of these points, the University of Leicester's online medical English program not only changes the knowledge of medical interviews from Japanese to English, but also the culture, the reaction of simulated patients unique to foreigners, and the online " New ". In addition to experiencing various differences such as the form of interviews as " Normal " and improving medical English, we aim to give you a sense of freshness, fun, and future medical services. I am.


TheOSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination ), which was born in the United Kingdom, is now widely used in Japan, and its effects are highly evaluated. This online medical English program focuses specifically on the "medical interview" in theOSCE . After mastering English for medical interviews in the lessons, you will have a medical interview in English with theSP (Standardized Patient ) adopted by the British School of Medicine.


 In the UK, unlike Japan, there is a great deal of emphasis on simulated patient training, which is frequently practiced within the curriculum. In the field, there is a specialized education organization for that purpose, and in order to obtain a sufficient training effect, education for the role of simulated patients is thoroughly conducted, and training as a professional is being carried out. In this program, we will specially hire local standard simulated patients and conduct practical training online .

By coming into contact with not only Japanese medical care but also the medical culture of other countries, we hope that by reviewing and evaluating our medical care, we will have the opportunity to gain insight into the future of Japanese medical care. increase.


This program will be a great opportunity to start preparing as a healthcare professional for the new medical era.

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