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Now that I can't feel free to study abroad ...

Full-scale online

Would you like to experience " medical role-playing "?

"I want to be able to communicate in English because the number of foreign patients is increasing even in the medical field", "I'm not confident in English now, but I want to work overseas in the future" "Overseas and Japanese medical practice I want to know the difference "...


This online program supports such medical students.


TheOSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination ), which was born in the United Kingdom, is now widely used in Japan, and its effects are highly evaluated. This online medical English program focuses on the most important "medical interview" in theOSCE . After mastering English for medical interviews in the lessons, you will have a medical interview in English with theSP (Standardized Patient ) adopted by the British School of Medicine.


In the UK, unlike Japan, there is a great deal of emphasis on simulated patient training, which is frequently practiced within the curriculum. In the field, there is a specialized education organization for that purpose, and in order to obtain sufficient practical training effects, education for the role of simulated patients is thoroughly conducted, and training as a professional is being carried out. In this program, we will specially hire local simulated patients and conduct practical training online . This is a very valuable opportunity, so I hope that as many people as possible can experience it.

With the recent remarkable development of communication technology and the influence of the spread of the new corona infection, almost all family doctors (clinics) and hospitals in the UK are already conducting online interviews and consulting by specialists on a daily basis. became. There is a growing demand for expanding online medical examinations and consulting even after the end of infection, especially for this service that matches the needs of local cities.


Of course, Japan is no exception, and further development of such telemedicine is expected in the future. This trend in the world makes us feel that the day will come when medical care will be provided across national borders. This trend is expected to accelerate further, and in the near future, medical care across countries will be provided in English-speaking countries such as Europe and the United States, and medical information will be shared worldwide. Asian countries are expected to follow suit, and the future of medical care in Japan is uncertain.


Of course, community-based medical care is important, but we have a mission to support the further development of medical care in collaboration with the world, and we need to develop human resources who can be used in the future for that purpose. thinking about.


In this program, not only the knowledge of medical interviews is simply changed from Japanese to English, but also the culture, the reaction of simulated patients unique to foreigners, and the online interview as " New Normal ". In addition to experiencing the differences and improving medical English, we aim to give you a sense of freshness, fun, and future medical services.


By coming into contact with not only Japanese medical care but also the medical culture of other countries, we hope that by reviewing and evaluating our medical care, we will have the opportunity to gain insight into the future of Japanese medical care. increase.


This program will be a great opportunity to start preparing as a doctor for the new medical era. We look forward to your participation.


This program is supervised by the University of Leicester School of Medicine. Click here for an introduction to the University of Leicester.

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