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Short-term study abroad existing program participation type

This plan is a format to enroll in an existing language course, whereas the individual lesson type is basically a private lesson. Generally, English courses sponsored by a language school can be transferred to classes every Monday, so choose one from a variety of courses. You can rest assured that you will take a simple English test in advance for general English, and the results will be transferred to the optimal class.


This plan may not be what you want, but the biggest attraction is that the cost of studying is cheaper than private lessons. And above all, you can make friends of other nationalities! Participate in activities built into the program with your classmates and take a day trip together on weekends. You can also go straight to the pub at night and try new phrases you learned in the morning with your friends.


This plan is perfect for those who are sociable and are not too reluctant to communicate with strangers, or who want to improve their English by "hunting down" themselves a little. Courses are usually in general English in the morning and optionally in the afternoon with free time, business or one-on-one lessons. Most language schools usually have a minimum of two weeks on a weekly basis.

Homestay is recommended for those who want to be immersed in English. You may think "I'm worried about living with a family I don't know", but since First Try will take care of the host family until I go to England, I will explain the environment and rules of the house in advance. You can know. People who have used it so far have commented, "I have a second family in the UK!" "I plan to go to the UK again and spend Christmas with my homestay family!"

*** First try is different here!

At our company, the staff who first consulted with the customer will support you locally, so there is no communication problem such as "I was talking to the other staff ...".


Also, you can rest assured that detailed personal information will not be shared by many staff members.

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