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Looking at it again, I feel that the image and culture of Britain has permeated Japan considerably. Stonehenge, a mystery like Loch Ness. England is also the birthplace of soccer, rugby, horse racing, tennis and golf. The British Museum is also very popular with Japanese tourists, and we promise to see a change of guards at Buckingham Palace. You may want to watch authentic musicals, operas, or the Royal Ballet in London.


When I list what I know from the cultures of other countries, I think there aren't many countries that have the same image as Britain. There is no single need for those who want to go sightseeing in England, and it may be unavoidable to feel that the package tour around the flag is not enough.


The key to making your trip great is to research what you want to do in the UK and find what you want to do the most. This information is only a small part, but first of all, please refer to this to discover your "what you want to do in the UK".

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