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Supervised by University of Leicester
Fukushima Medical University
Online Medical English Program


Program contents

 The "Medical English International Summer Program (held in August every year)" and "Medical English Spring Program (held in March every year)" held at the University of Leicester every year will reach the 17th year of the course in 2022, and a total of 550 from all over the world. It is the longest-running medical English program in the UK with more than one medical student in attendance.
The online medical English program focuses only on the "Medical Role Play" lessons, which are especially popular with participants, from the above programs that are normally held for three weeks, and is structured so that you can master them in a short period of time. It has become. This "Medical Role Play" is based on medical interviews in the OSCE **, so those who have already taken theOSCE will be based on that knowledge, and those who have not yet taken the exam will be taking the exam in the future. As a preparation, you can take lessons with various approaches based on the participants' experiences.
* Since the OSCE was proposed in the United Kingdom in1975 , it has been popular mainly in Europe and North America as an excellent method for objectively evaluating clinical ability. Currently, it has been introduced in dozens of countries around the world, including Japan.

The lessons use Zoom and are small groups of up to 16 students per class. Due to the time difference between Japan and the UK, the lessons basically start around 6-7 pm (Japanese time) and are held twice a week for 3 weeks with a target of 2 to 3 hours a day.
On the first day of the program, we will also input medical interview lessons from the second day, explain the differences between the medical systems in Japan and the UK in Japanese, and then freely discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each country's system. (About 2 hours). Why was the number of deaths from infection in the United Kingdom, which boasted a white-eyed medical system in Europe, the highest due to this new corona infection? On the other hand, I would like to exchange opinions such as "What was the policy of Japan that is evaluated to control infection?"
From the 2nd day, a medical English program specialist will give lessons for about 2 to 3 hours a day for a total of about 10 and a half hours (lessons in English). On the final day, you will actually have a medical interview with the simulated patient. The medical interview will be graded by the instructor in charge and will be sent as feedback by attaching it to an email after the program ends. If the program is successfully completed, the University of Leicester will give you an official certificate of completion.
All lessons will be recorded, so you can see the lesson contents at a later date even if you cannot participate due to internet connection or poor physical condition.
* Recording is possible only if all participants agree to record the lesson.
* After the program ends, all recorded data will be deleted.


Program date and time

Scheduled dates and times are basically every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday except holidays. 3 times a week for a total of 2 weeks. You will be asked to participate in one or two 90-minute lessons a day. The schedule is listed below, but please refer to the "School Timetable (Schedule)" for details.

  • Discussion on the Japanese-English medical system (* Japanese): Friday, March 18

  • Medical interview classes: March 23 (Wednesday), 25 (Friday), 28 (Monday), 30 (Wednesday)


  • Medical interview test: Friday, April 1st

  • International exchange with University of Leicester students (90 minutes each day): Wednesday, March 30 and Friday, April 1

  • ​​ Class start time: (Japan time) From 7:00 pm * The end time of the class on one day will be around 10:30 pm.

  • Application deadline: Friday, February 4, 5 pm



Eligibility and fee

For 2nd to 5th grade students at Fukushima Medical University.

The capacity is about 10 people. If there are a large number of applicants, documents will be screened.

If the number of participants is less than the fixed number, students of other grades may also be able to participate. In that case, we will inform you separately.

I don't care about English ability.


The participation fee is 5,000 yen (plus exchange fee), and the balance can be borne by Fukushima Medical University.


After taking this program, please submit a certificate of completion and a report (about 1 A4 sheet) to Fukushima Medical University.

Participation is requested with an attendance rate of at least 50%, as there is assistance from the university.

* You can watch the recorded lessons that you couldn't attend at a later date, so you can participate in the next lesson with confidence.


For any other questions or details regarding participation, please contact Fukushima Medical University Education and Training Support Division or Professor Satoshi Waguri [Anatomy / Histology Course].


Reference example of medical role play

You can see a demonstration of the medical interview training that was actually conducted in the field.

The instructor is scoring for feedback on the camera side. If the simulated patient feels that the participants are stagnant or do not understand the meaning clearly, you can see that the patient is gesturing to help the conversation.
This demo video takes about 2 minutes, but the actual medical interview is about 5 minutes .

Class scene

You can see the video of the class scene from the following. You can see that it is a fun class with constant laughter, pulled by an experienced and cheerful instructor who pronounces slowly and clearly.

Since you can teach me the basics of medical interviews, even those who have not yet taken the OSCE can follow the class without any problems.

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