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Medical English Program for Healthcare Professionals


Due to the rapid increase in foreign tourists visiting Japan in recent years and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there is a strong need to deal with foreigners in any hospital, regardless of whether it is a large city or a rural area. However, at present, there are very few opportunities to learn medical English, and there are few institutions that offer classes at universities and vocational schools.


On the other hand, there are far fewer existing English courses for medical professionals in English-speaking countries, and even if there are, most of them raise the advanced English level as a condition of participation, and it is a course that Japanese can actually participate in. The current situation is that there is almost no such thing. Some courses are independently planned or recommended by institutions such as universities, but the current situation is that there are high hurdles for participation, such as questions about English grades and selection.


In response to such needs, we have decided to hold a course for Japanese people for medical students (medical science, nursing, medical technology, etc.) who aim to become medical professionals. The "Healthcare Professional English Program" held by the Faculty of Nursing at De Montfort University in Leicester, England, enhances specialization such as practical nursing guidance and hospital tours, and shadows under the guidance of active nurses. It is a course content with the addition of practical training to perform . Of course, non-nursing people can also participate.


This is a medical English course for Japanese students only, so unfortunately it can happen when studying abroad. "Only students of other nationalities were talking during class and couldn't talk." "Outside the class, always others. I didn't feel alienated because I was a student of different nationalities and I was alone when I wasn't in class. " In addition, the Japanese staff will carefully guide you from the beginning to the end when applying for and registering for the course, so "I'm worried about going abroad for the first time" and "I have studied abroad sponsored by a school. Even those who say "for the first time as an individual" can feel free to apply.

Participation conditions are 18 years old or older and currently affiliated with a medical department, and English proficiency is Eiken level 3 or higher. However, depending on the content of the lesson, an interpreter will be provided (lectures, seminars, etc.), so even those who are not confident in English can participate with confidence. In addition, active medical professionals who want to receive guidance in English can also participate .


Want to learn medical care in the UK?

De Montfort University

Healthcare Professional English

-University where you can feel warm "hospitality"-



"Anyway, lessons that are closer to the field! It is a program created by reflecting the voice of the educational field. The Faculty of Nursing at Demont Fort University is a specialist who has provided such on-site programs to medical students in various countries for more than 10 years, and the high quality of the programs is the way from the participating countries as a leader. It is a high level that makes the professors who are experts in the field groan.

But above all, De Montfort University's greatest strength is its warm hospitality. The professors of the Department of Nursing themselves welcome the participating students to the dormitory and sweat together at the afternoon event. The same is true for the students in the nursing department, and students who are interested in Japanese culture naturally gather and warmly welcome participants from Japan as "buddies (local caretakers)". The British students I met there often visited Japan after the program and resumed their excitement.


"Even if you are an international student from another country, if you study together for two weeks or do social activities, you will feel like your own child. Let's do it! " It makes me really happy to see our students come together and make a fuss about shooting games like a 10 year old. Gradually everyone said, "British dad! 』It came to be called ... I'm adopting every time everyone comes, so I wonder if the number of adopted children has already exceeded 200? (Laughs) (Professor Goodrich, De Montfort University) "

At overseas host universities, the acceptance of international students becomes a "routine work" every time, and there are many cases where we respond safely as a business, so this kind of warm British hospitality is sure to be a course. It will be more memorable as a lifetime asset than learning at.

De Montfort University

Healthcare Professional English


Course outline


Date and time: Scheduled to be held as a two-week program from the beginning of September 2022

Tuition: £ 2000 (planned)

Items included in the tuition fee :

For tuition, student dormitory 2-week stay (private room, with shower / toilet, shared kitchen), London day trip, welcome lunch, farewell dinner, bench fee to each hospital and training institution, interpreter fee, and other timetables Posted activity fees, course completion certificates, presentations and feedback on interview training

Items not included in the tuition fee :

flight ticket

Transfer from the airport

Food expenses other than activities included in the timetable

Food expenses (dining expenses) for day trips, admission fees at travel destinations, facility usage fees, etc.

Overseas travel insurance

Deadline : First deadline Scheduled for mid-April 2022

*** Please note: The reception will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

*** Please note: Currently, you can only see the last 2020 timetable. We will update as soon as the latest one is available. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. The timetable is almost the same.

DMU-4 - nursing dep.jpg
midwifery-03- DMU.jpg
  • Those who are in the medical school, nursing department, medical department, or currently affiliated with a hospital and want to study the medical system in the UK and improve medical English.

  • There is teamwork work within the group, and there is also interaction with British nursing students, so those who can communicate brightly with other participants and foreigners regardless of their English proficiency .

*** This program is recommended for those who have little experience studying abroad, those who are worried about their English ability, and those who want to gain confidence for overseas training.


This program is recommended for those who have a lot of experience studying abroad or who are advanced in English.

School Application

Course content
  • Input medical English and British medical system and problems in preparation for practical training

  • For nurses, group-based in-hospital training and shadowing.

  • Interview training

  • Discussion about differences in patient care between Japanese and English

  • Visit the emergency center of a university hospital, hospice, and local medical facilities.

  • British nursing students interact as buddies during the period

  • London day tour

  • Afternoon tea experience

Nursing-Image-Group- DMU.jpg

Please note: The timetable is for March 2020. The contents are almost the same, so please refer to this until the latest version is updated.


Think of the dormitory as a small share house where 4-6 people live together. A lockable private room where you can spend your time slowly is equipped with a shower, toilet and washbasin. Of course, the entire building is equipped with freeWIFI . There is also a reception desk on the 1st floor with a 24-hour manager, so you can rest assured.


The kitchen is shared. There are sofas and tables in the kitchen, so it's good to sit on the sofa and have a glass of wine and talk until late at night, or have a small party. There are plenty of sofas and tables in the courtyard, the common room, and the sky lounge on the top floor, so there is plenty of guest space for international students and British friends to come and visit. There is also.

Notebook Paper

You can see the photo of the room from here.

Program application conditions
  • Those who are 18 years of age or older and are currently working in a medical school, nursing department, medical department, or hospital.

  • Those who have Eiken Level 3 or above or equivalent English proficiency.

  • Currently students: Those who can participate in the entire program schedule (Please contact us if you overlap with exams or practical training after application. Please note that you will be required to pay the full tuition fee even if you cannot participate. )

  • Currently working at a hospital: Those who can participate for at least one week (at least 5 days of class) during the entire program schedule

  • Those who can prepare necessary documents etc. for entering the hospital

Math Homework
Transportation to Leicester

​ The nearest airport in the UK is Birmingham International Airport. There are no direct flights from Japan, mainly European-affiliated aircraft that come via major European cities. So you can also enjoy vacations in France, Germany and Spain before and after the program. It is a 40-minute drive from Birmingham Airport and can be reached cheaply by train.

The nearest airport for direct flights from Japan is London's Heathrow International Airport. It may take 2-3 hours by car or long-distance bus due to traffic jams, and it takes 2 and a half hours by subway & train.

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