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This is a program for medical school and medical professional courses.

Medical English programs

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Medical English Summer Program
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"Since the number of foreign patients is increasing in the medical field, I want to be able to communicate in English in the future." "I'm not confident in English yet, but I want to work overseas in the future." I want to see the difference between overseas and Japanese medical care. "" I love traveling while learning medical English, so I want to study abroad for a short period of time as a hobby and culture. "


Whatever the reason, it's the perfect program for medical professionals interested in healthcare in the UK. This applies to all students who are currently engaged in medical care at hospitals, etc. in Japan, as well as students who belong to the relevant vocational school / faculty, such as medical schools and nursing departments. Many of these programs require native English proficiency, but all of the courses presented here do not require English proficiency.


The recommended courses are roughly divided into the following three types.​​

Doctor with Files
It will be held in the summer of 2022!

This is a 3-week medical English course held in March and August every year for medical students and medical professionals.

A program full of practically useful knowledge, from lectures on the British medical system to interview training. It is attractive to have international exchanges with British university students and social activities with students of other nationalities!

Home Nurse Examining Patient
The next event is scheduled for 2023

This course is for nursing and medical technology. You will visit hospitals, hospice, and care homes to actually help the locals.

You can ask local medical staff about the differences between Japanese and English nursing. There is also a course with an interpreter, so you can rest assured.

Chart & Stethoscope
The next event will be in 2022

Occupational English Test , a language proficiency test for those who want to work in the UK medical field, in addition to the qualifications acquired in Japan You need to pass(commonly known as OET) .


Here, we will introduce a course for that purpose.

The next event is scheduled for 2023
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